My Favorite Quotes
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 Tom Vix - “He played great. He really never slowed down. He's had two really great games back-to-back. I'm happy for him.”
 Tom Vix - “Martinez is tough on (defending) the ball. Hes very quick and a good defender.”
 Tom Vix - “Its neat that it happened to be them. And, now they won the national title.”
 Tom Vix - “I think he just took over the team when we were in trouble. Any time a team really got after us, he just grabbed the ball and beat the press all by himself.”
 Tom Vix - “We had to make improvements to get where we needed to be. Playing those 25-game schedules, you don't have a lot of practice times to tweak things.”
 Tom Vix - “Those little plays make a difference in close games. There was a series where all the guys made plays.”
 Tom Vix - “That's the way the game is. You play through it.”
 Tom Vix - “We need some tests and we got one tonight. This is why you come to these tournament. You want to play games like this against good teams.”
 Tom Vix - “We put a lot on him early. It was like we let him do his thing and everyone else just stood and watched. As the season went on, he settled down and waited for opportunities. He became a better player. He has learned to play relaxed. He doesn't have to do something every time down the court.”
 Tom Vix - “It was a credit to (Sleepy Eye's) defense. They played tight, but it cost them.”
 Tom Vix - “We weren't consistent. Certain nights we looked like we could make some noise and others like we didn't belong.”
 Tom Vix - “We just didn't handle the pressure well. They're quicker than we are. We didn't want to get in a game where we had to chase them.”