My Favorite Quotes
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 Jose Vizcaino - “This is the time of the year you always look forward to,”
 Jose Vizcaino - “We had a chance, but we didn't execute well and that's why we lost. We're still confident. We just have to come back tomorrow and learn from our mistakes.”
 Jose Vizcaino - “That's why I'm rooting for us to get to one, so all these guys can understand what I'm saying.”
 Jose Vizcaino - “Of course it will help his hitting. He doesn't have to worry about where he'll be playing every day. He can just focus on his hitting and playing third base.”
 Jose Vizcaino - “The memory, it lasts for a lifetime,”
 Jose Vizcaino - “I was there once, and now I'm telling our kids here about what it's going to take to get through and make it, ... I think it's something very positive for the team and for the younger kids. I'm happy to be able to tell them. Hopefully, I can help them get there.”
 Jose Vizcaino - “You can't go against something that is working. We're winning, and that's the only thing I care about.”
 Jose Vizcaino - “We know how to play baseball. Age doesn't matter when you know what you have to do on the field.”