My Favorite Quotes
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 Rudi Voeller - “He is a great talent but he is here to learn.”
 Tonya Voeller - “They are quick. They have a great insideoutside game. But this was a great season for us. We started 0-4 and weren't sure what the season was going to look like. My kids dug in their heels, fought back and won another region title.”
 Tonya Voeller - “She worked so hard in practice. She led with her work ethic.”
 Rudi Voeller - “There are better teams but there is quality in ours, even if that hasn't been obvious lately. If we believe in ourselves, we will be hard to beat.”
 Tonya Voeller - “They came out ready to play, and we didn't. We expected it to be more intense, that they'd make more adjustments, and they did.”
 Rudi Voeller - “He told me that he wanted to do something new. It's a pity but we have to respect it.”
 Rudi Voeller - “It wasn't just order and discipline. We dominated which is not easy against the Dutch.”
 Rudi Voeller - “After the early disappointment for giving away the late goal, we are now more confident for the next game. We played a very good match for long stretches. But that's past. From now on, it's only Latvia that counts.”
 Rudi Voeller - “If Klose had converted the cross in extra time I would have gotten the proverbial pat on the back. It was his kind of situation, but he didn't convert.”
 Tonya Voeller - “We weren't doing anything to help each other on defense. I think we got tired. We had a few mental lapses here and there, and we lost confidence and momentum.”
 Tonya Voeller - “My blood pressure, my age, and it gave me gray hairs.”
 Rudi Voeller - “It was a bit bumpy in the first half hour. That was probably down to the game on Thursday, but we came back and had a lot of chances on the counter-attack. It's good to go up the table a bit.”