My Favorite Quotes
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 Karsten Voigt - “illegal, non-democratic and sometimes even crazy.”
 Ed Voigt - “Nature picked up and reclaimed the role that we were prepared to take on. We're confident now that we'll have more than enough water to be able to get up to the target.”
 Michelle Voigt - “It's like a collaboration. It's a marriage between the written word, music and imagery. Really, how often do you have that”
 Karsten Voigt - “Election campaigns are always a bad time for rational discussions on foreign policy,”
 Michelle Voigt - “I think it brings dance to a new level, to make it more accessible.”
 Karsten Voigt - “We can count on the fact that this will be probed by the American public, particularly by the US Congress.”
 Ed Voigt - “Our No. 1 concern is that we get this matter cleaned up as soon as possible.”
 Karsten Voigt - “In Iraq we have a common interest in security, but even in a pure Merkel government we wouldn't have sent troops,”
 Michelle Voigt - “I don't think anyone saw that it was a recommendation and so they bought the book thinking it was part of the course.”
 Karsten Voigt - “The Social Democrats, by turning their attention to Merkel, objectively saved her.”