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 George Voinovich - “The numbers that you give me are very impressive.”
 George Voinovich - “One of the requirements I have used during my political career to decide whether we should do something is the issue of fairness.”
 George Voinovich - “The economy is showing encouraging signs of recovery.”
 George Voinovich - “We have to level with the American people.”
 George Voinovich - “We have to really level with the American people, ... This is not going to be over in two years ... we're not going to just be able to walk out of Iraq and this is going to be over.”
 George Voinovich - “And the question is whether or not you're going to be able to go in there and work with other people to get things going, particularly since we have a little problem over there from the public relations.'”
 George Voinovich - “Various groups, particularly on the Republican side, didn't give her the opportunity to share why she's qualified.”
 George Voinovich - “I voted against it because the hypothetical surplus based on rosy 10-year projections in my opinion is a mirage, ... Late Edition”
 George Voinovich - “This is a mistake,”
 George Voinovich - “It's been interpreted as one of (Bush) coming to Ohio to try and pressure me to support 550 (billion-dollar tax cut) when he knows that I'm locked in at 350 (billion dollars), ... I think the timing of it made it look bad, in terms of his trying to put some pressure on me. I don't believe that's what he had in mind, but it certainly has been interpreted that way in our state.”
 George Voinovich - “The fact of the matter is we have the war in Iraq, we have Katrina, we have the (Medicare) prescription drug benefits”
 George Voinovich - “The time has come, Mr. President, where NATO needs to get off its high horse, restrain its ego and instead of trying to save face over a major foreign policy blunder, start thinking about saving lives. It is time to stop the bombing and put everyone's effort into finding a diplomatic solution that will quickly result in removal of ... Serbian troops in Kosovo.”
 George Voinovich - “Liberating Iraq from a legacy of violence and putting it on the path to peace and prosperity will take time.”
 George Voinovich - “We need to stay in Iraq until the job is done. The President understands this and I'm glad that he is getting more countries to participate. We must change the chant of millions of young Muslims from 'Jihad Against the World' to 'Freedom and Democracy.'”
 George Voinovich - “fiscally irresponsible ... with the debt we're carrying and the uncertainty -- we really don't know yet how much more the Iraq war costs.”
 George Voinovich - “He kept the members of the court together, despite their many differences.”
 George Voinovich - “Governments and businesses shouldn't have to litigate cases all the way to the Supreme Court in order to find out whether or not a tax incentive is constitutional,”
 George Voinovich - “It is time to really level with the American people, ... There's a lot of confusion out in the country today and we need to repeat over and over again why we're there, what we're trying to accomplish.”
 George Voinovich - “I am very disappointed that the commission failed to take into account the amount of information that we provided them and the quality, experience and expertise of the Air National Guard personnel who have served our country in Ohio and in many combat operations. They have flown thousands of C-130 combat hours for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom and have received hundreds of Air Medals. They are truly American heroes, and the commission made the wrong decision.”
 George Voinovich - “We are in a struggle to secure a future free from fear for our country and the world.”
 George Voinovich - “This is costing us money, and the money to pay for this war is coming out of our Social Security surplus, so this is a big deal. This is not just a little sidelight that we're involved with today in this country, ... Early Edition.”
 George Voinovich - “It is time to recognize a simple fact of life. Contrary to what some of my colleagues seem to believe, tax cuts do not pay for themselves.”
 George Voinovich - “It is time to recognize a simple fact of life, ... Contrary to what some of my colleagues seem to believe, tax cuts do not pay for themselves.”
 George Voinovich - “To say that the vote fraud conspiracy theorists are tilting at windmills is an understatement. They're using a legitimate public process to pursue an agenda that is, at best, grasping at straws and, at worse, partisan.”
 George Voinovich - “My conscience got me,”

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