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 Tomas Vokoun - “It's a win and they're not always going to be perfect games. They were better than us but we found a way to win.”
 Tomas Vokoun - “We were able to get four points in two games against the Red Wings on the road, and historically that's never been the case. We definitely want some respect and I think we've achieved that. If you want to be respected as a good team, then you have to beat the good teams.”
 Tomas Vokoun - “It's always a big momentum shift to give up a short-handed goal. Naturally, we showed a lot of life after that.”
 Tomas Vokoun - “We played a little better, but we still have critical defensive breakdowns. You can't give a good team as many chances as we did.”
 Tomas Vokoun - “You got to have dreams and obviously that the Vezina Trophy is one of them, ... I want to be the best goalie in the league, not because I think I will be one day just because you have to set your goals as high as you can. I want to win it one day. I'll do everything I can, and I'll know that if I don't win it, that at least I did everything I could. And that's more important to me than actually winning it.”
 Tomas Vokoun - “I didn't do very good. But our guys came through and scored a bunch of goals and that's why we won.”
 Tomas Vokoun - “We are not playing good. But it is a long season and there are always ups and downs.”
 Tomas Vokoun - “We had crucial breakdowns against a good team and that is not going to work. It's hard to win when you are making mistakes. Sometimes you can get away with mistakes, but we're struggling right now.”
 Tomas Vokoun - “Crucial breakdowns to a good team is not going to work. We had opportunities but it didn't work out.”
 Tomas Vokoun - “I'm obviously pleased that we're in a really good position. I really like our team and that hasn't always been the case. It's still going to take a lot of work to get in the playoffs, but that's where you have the fun.”
 Tomas Vokoun - “We've been getting some two-on-one chances or breakaways, but we're not taking the shots. We're shooting too much from the sides. Any goalie in the NHL is good enough to stop those.”
 Tomas Vokoun - “We have a good team. This can all be forgotten soon.”
 Tomas Vokoun - “Obviously, I hate shootouts. Every goalie hates it.”
 Tomas Vokoun - “It's nice to be a part of some history. Our team is a young team and we don't have a lot of records set. That's a lot of wins to put together in this league. It's a great momentum builder.”
 Tomas Vokoun - “But there are other teams that should be better, too, because of all the changes that have taken place. You look at the league right now and to be honest, I couldn't tell you who's going to be over 100 points or who would be below 80 points.”
 Tomas Vokoun - “I think statements are made in the playoffs and we're far away from that. We still want to improve and get ready for the playoffs. We didn't win anything the last two nights. Our work is far from over.”
 Tomas Vokoun - “I don't know what the reason is, but we've been getting dominated here lately. This is the NHL, and we're foolish if we thought we were going to start picking up easy wins. It's going to be a grind all the way until the end of the season.”
 Tomas Vokoun - “It's all about trying to outwait the player. I haven't had much time to practice really hard lately and it showed on breakaways and stuff like that. But I'm not worried about it.”
 Tomas Vokoun - “A goalkeeper has to be ready all the time. You take your rest because you just never know.”
 Tomas Vokoun - “It's a long season and there's going to be some ups and down. We have to keep our focus. This is not the time to panic.”
 Tomas Vokoun - “A couple of times it was by my own players. But I've got to learn to deal with traffic. Maybe that's something I need to address in practice, just fighting through screens.”
 Tomas Vokoun - “We didn't cover the slot. A lot of goals were off of rebounds or passes in front of the net. We have been on the fortunate side a few times this season, but you can't think any game is going to be an easy game.”
 Tomas Vokoun - “A couple of times it was by my own players,”
 Tomas Vokoun - “I think we have as good of a chance for gold as we did before today. This doesn't put you out of the tournament.”
 Tomas Vokoun - “It's comfortable to know you did it, but the work doesn't stop, ... We have the whole season in front of us. Now I'll worry about the next game.”

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