My Favorite Quotes
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 Eric Volbert - “You just hope that if you play hard that you get the lucky bounces. You have to have some hustle. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. I think we have a little of both.”
 Eric Volbert - “You know Dudley is going to get her 20 (points). You just hope she doesn't get 30.”
 Eric Volbert - “To open up Chantel in the post, we had to hit some long shots, and for the most part that didn't happen. That's one reason we got beat, and the other reason is Dudley. We held her in scoring the previous three times we played Gibson County, but tonight she got us.”
 Eric Volbert - “Sure, we had a few girls sick, but that's not why we lost. North Side just beat us because they're a very, very good team. They control the boards and made our girls look tentative the entire night.”