My Favorite Quotes
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 Yevgeny Volk - “Russia is using strong economic levers. With the growth of oil and gas exports it has become much richer than it was in the 1990s and it is translating this economic might into political influence and power.”
 Jim Volk - “The speculators always do that. They buy the stuff that's going in and sell the stuff that's going out. You see it all the time.”
 Yevgeny Volk - “The shoulder-patting is still there, but the mutual trust that existed after Sept. 11 is gone. The reason is objective there can't be a friendship between the heads of states while the bureaucracies of both nations view each other with distrust.”
 Jim Volk - “People were expecting weak retail sales, they were already in the stocks.”
 Jim Volk - “It looks like this is taking longer than expected, no matter what the positive spin the military is trying to put on it.”
 Jim Volk - “We're going to war. I don't know if there will be bombs on the ground by the time he starts talking or if he'll wait a couple of days to make sure all the inspectors are out of there, but we're going.”
 Jim Volk - “People like the plan. It doesn't mean that the Dow's going straight to 9,000, but this could be relatively helpful for the market.”
 Jim Volk - “Right now the perception is we are not going to get the earnings recovery we thought we were going to get.”
 Jim Volk - “Maybe the psychology is changing. Maybe we get a little courage back here.”
 Jim Volk - “People think the worst is over in a lot of these things. It's given them courage to come back in.”
 Yevgeny Volk - “People in power were brought up under the communist regime. All of this makes democracy weak and civil society still nascent.”
 Peter Volk - “We fear that we will find many children among the dead and the injured.”
 Peter Volk - “We fear that there are several children among the dead and injured.”
 Peter Volk - “We fear that many children are among the dead and injured.”
 Peter Volk - “We fear that many children are among the dead and injured. Our rescue workers are expecting not just seriously injured people, but also people suffering from hypothermia.”
 Jim Volk - “There hasn't been a big reaction to Bush because it's fairly well factored in. The market will likely show some reaction to actual military action, but on balance it's priced in.”