My Favorite Quotes
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 Chad Vollmecke - “I'm very proud of my seniors. Wonders and Casey were phenomenal team captains. Some of the seniors haven't been out for a couple of years and came back. At a year where we were 3-15, there is still a lot to be proud of.”
 Chad Vollmecke - “He's been a great leader. I can't ask for much more than a guy that wrestles through pain. I never heard David complain. He's never stopped a match.”
 Chad Vollmecke - “Our wrestler of the week is Jeff Sand because of his efforts to make our team tougher by making a lower weight class and coming out strong after doing so.”
 Chad Vollmecke - “We had other opportunities throughout to make up points. Without Kenny and Luke at their best, the outcome was not in our favor.”
 Chad Vollmecke - “It really would have been nice to have our regular lineup. But our boys gave everything they had, and it was good for us to see that tough competition. We can learn lessons of perseverance and integrity in such meets.”
 Chad Vollmecke - “Knoxville brought a tough team to town last night and we wrestled the best we could under the circumstances. There were some very high points for us and we made some big strides in a few weight classes. A few of our boys still need to learn better position and mat sense, but that comes with time. Time is running short for this year, but I believe we are seeing things at this stage of the season that were not here last year.”
 Chad Vollmecke - “Ever since Christmas the kids said they were sick of getting pushed around and the least we can do is go and fight. I can't say enough about our kids' effort. It was unbelievable.”