My Favorite Quotes
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 Eugene Volokh - “Government has to have the flexibility to say, 'We're going to dismiss this person, not because we think he's disloyal but because we think he is for example a bad lawyer,'”
 Eugene Volokh - “Lawyers tend to have something credible to say about an important subject. Lawyers have been educated about the legal system, which people are interested in.”
 Eugene Volokh - “But they were gathering dust in some courthouse basement. These things were technically accessible, but unless you had a lot of time or could afford to hire a private detective to go look this stuff up, they were effectively secret from you.”
 Eugene Volokh - “I t is a normal part of the employment process to evaluate one's subordinates.”
 Eugene Volokh - “The difficulty is that the right to privacy, ... is a right to have the government stop you from speaking about me.”
 Eugene Volokh - “The sense is that he is very highly qualified and has an excellent judicial temperament, which means he is seen as a calm and thoughtful person, which is what you want in a judge,”