My Favorite Quotes
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 Jon von - “We give you access to the real Internet. Most phone browsers don't do that. They give you access to WAP.”
 Katharina Von - “Overall it is satisfactory but we hope that there will be further improvement between now and 2009.”
 Dan Evon - “I estimate we've spent 14,000 in materials on the house.”
 Warren Zevon - “Send lawyers, guns and money, the shit has hit the fan.”
 Warren Zevon - “You had to go to a different part of town from where I was to get Muddy Waters singles. I had him on singles.”
 Warren Zevon - “Recording at home enables one to eliminate the demo stage, and the presentation stage in the studio, too.”
 Warren Zevon - “My first album is like a terrible John Hammond album, with drums.”
 Warren Zevon - “My father was a boxer, though. So, I have a particular interest in Ray Mancini, I think.”
 Warren Zevon - “Mutineer is the first album of mine without a demo stage.”
 Warren Zevon - “I'm not a big jazz fan.”
 Warren Zevon - “I wish I sang better.”
 Warren Zevon - “I remember certain lines and whose they are.”
 Warren Zevon - “I loved Hendrix. I mean, really, really loved him. As if he were one of the great classical composers. And he was. That's how I saw him.”
 Warren Zevon - “I have no guitar technique.”
 Warren Zevon - “I had a good guitar, and I was a young, young kid.”
 Warren Zevon - “I don't learn so good, no matter how good the teacher is.”
 Warren Zevon - “Glenn Gould was my hero. Glenn Gould was my idol. I loved him.”
 Warren Zevon - “Everywhere I go, I have my little Steinberger, and I like it very well.”
 Warren Zevon - “Duncan Aldrich has been my partner in most recording projects, and touring projects, for the past decade.”
 Warren Zevon - “But there's a thin line between songwriting and arranging.”
 Warren Zevon - “But I can't say that I didn't like John Hammond's performances often better than the originals.”
 Warren Zevon - “And I think it's safe to say that the single very impressive figure to me was Merle Haggard.”
 Warren Zevon - “I missed jazz, kind of. And by the time I came to it in life, it was too intimidating to enjoy thoroughly.”
 Jon von - “The browser is emerging as a major selling point for mobile phones today, and operators are seeing a significant increase in usage as more and more people are surfing the Web on their mobile devices.”
 Dan Evon - “It was pretty ugly. It definitely lacked charm.”

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