My Favorite Quotes
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 Leon Washington - “It's going to be big. It's probably one of the biggest games in their history besides that Doug Flutie thing that I can recall. We're up for it.”
 George Washington - “used solely for the purpose of encouraging American genius.”
 Denzel Washington - “I want to be responsible. If I give you 50 million, it's because I want my money to come back. Not because I like your haircut.”
 George Washington - “Real good, sore shoulder, good shape.”
 Marcus Washington - “We are a Rocky Balboa-type team, but it's good to get a young Mike Tyson-type win and knock someone out.”
 George Washington - “The government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion”
 George Washington - “Influence is no Government”
 George Washington - “In the appointments to the great offices of the government, my aim has been to combine geographical situation, and sometimes other considerations, with abilities and fitness of known characters”
 George Washington - “Precedents are dangerous things let the rein of government then be braced and held with a steady hand”
 George Washington - “(Liberty) is indeed little less than a name, where the Government is too feeble to withstand the enterprises of faction, to confine each member of society within the limits prescribed by the law, and to maintain all in the secure and tranquil enjoyme”
 George Washington - “The aggregate happiness of society, which is best promoted by the practice of a virtuous policy, is, or ought to be, the end of all government”
 Tracie Washington - “This is a message from the federal government about what they think about people who have been victimized by the hurricane. And it's a tragic message, but it's one that's being sent again, and again and again.”
 Elliot Washington - “We have a habit of being lackadaisical, playing up and down.”
 George Washington - “Being a politician makes your hair turn white,”
 George Washington - “What we're trying to do is use some of the same legal tactics that have been so effective against the public health problem of smoking against the other public health problem of obesity,”
 Denzel Washington - “It's about one of the biggest and most notorious drug dealers in the history of America, Frank Lucas and a New York detective, Richie Roberts, who tracks him down.”
 John Washington - “Our hockey numbers are way down. If we had a team at Edison, we would have only six students. They would have to play the whole game and nobody could have gotten hurt or sick.”
 Denzel Washington - “The hat kept the sun off of me but, to be honest, it's a handle. I worked the hat. We had one hat and one tie, by the way. I don't know if anyone knows this, but by the last scene in the movie at the restaurant, the hat is falling apart.”
 Ron Washington - “I still hope I made a good showing when I talked to them. I hope I impressed them.”
 Ron Washington - “My hope is to drive down there one of these days and see more services like it was when I grew up.”
 Mia Washington - “We really tried to rattle her and put some pressure on her and hope she made mistakes. She made some, but she played a great game.”
 Leon Washington - “I'd like to go on offense fresh, but for the team I'll go out there and do it. We need a veteran guy back there to look after these young guys. If they kick it to me, I'm going to try and take it to the house.”
 Dennis Washington - “We like old-fashioned businesses. We invest for the long haul. But timing is everything, and he's in no hurry.”
 Ron Washington - “If it looks like New Orleans won't be coming back, then we're going to have to move somewhere else. And I have no idea where that's going to be.”
 John Washington - “Maybe somebody will have a fantastic idea.”

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