My Favorite Quotes
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 Wayne Grant - “We were able to get some good kickoff returns tonight and were able to set the wedge. James hit it hard and broke it like he should.”
 Wayne Grant - “I hope our players have learned how to deal with some success.”
 Wayne Grant - “I hope we don't need him at defensive tackle.”
 Wayne Grant - “At halftime we decided we had to get physical with those guys. In the second half I thought we knocked them off their back.”
 Wayne Grant - “I think James was probably just tired from those long runs he had in the first quarter, so he needed time to rest.”
 Wayne Grant - “It wasn't a fake - he saw the defense coming and knew he couldn't get the kick off. We forgot to tackle him. We had 'em dead in the water and the fish got away.”
 Wayne Grant - “I'm really excited four our kids. They took a real beating last year. A lot of hard work and preparation went into this and I'm happy for them.”
 Wayne Grant - “Jackson has started the last two years for us and he did what we need him to do - move the ball down the field.”
 Wayne Grant - “This was just as good as the others. They are all great and very special. We have had a lot of great years, but we have never been able to be perfect, so this one is different.”
 Wayne Grant - “We made our share of mistakes. In a game this close you've got to get points every opportunity you have.”
 Wayne Grant - “When you start playing these better region teams, you have to play well.”
 Wayne Grant - “He played inside linebacker on the state championship team. He wants to win and he'll play wherever he needs to to help his team.”
 Wayne Grant - “The difference in the second half was two-fold. We executed better, and we made good use of our game plan, which was to score quick on the opening drive and take the wind out of their sails.”
 Wayne Grant - “This group didn't have the high quality athletes (we had in 2003), but we had a lot of good high school athletes who love to play the game. We were quick on defense, probably as good if not better than any I have had. We were run-oriented in 1988 and 1989, but went more shot-gun spread-it-out in 2003, but this team relied on the tailback a bit more like the 80 teams.”
 Wayne Grant - “Our defense is playing real good right now. The punt return team gave up the touchdown. The defense played real well against Troy. They had two big plays for their touchdowns. Other than that, we didn't give up much. I feel a lot better our defense than I did this time last year.”
 Wayne Grant - “Our defense just broke down and didn't tackle. That score should've never happened.”
 Wayne Grant - “Being so young last year, we gained a lot of experience then having most everybody back, I expected us to go deep in the playoffs if we didn't win it all.”
 Wayne Grant - “We wanted to get him tired. We didn't want to give up the big play. The game plan was to control the ball and not turn it over, and not give up the easy score.”
 Wayne Grant - “There are a number of people who've contacted us to try to get us to consider book and movie deals. We have not given serious consideration to any agreement. But the ordeal Richard has been through certainly is something that could be presented in a very appealing manner, from the standpoint of literature.”