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 Eric Wedge - “It's difficult to sit on the bench and stay ready to play multiple positions at any time. It takes a special person. We'll look at all aspects as to how a player best complements our roster.”
 Eric Wedge - “He's further along than I thought he'd be at this time.”
 Eric Wedge - “He showed us a great deal before he did get sick. We still have another week to see him come out and play. We're not going to judge him off the time he was sick.”
 Eric Wedge - “I'm sure he would have liked to play more, but we've got time.”
 Eric Wedge - “For a young player, Brandon has been through a lot in a short period of time.”
 Eric Wedge - “For a young man, he was focused on what was coming around the corner vs. getting caught up in what was happening at that point in time.”
 Eric Wedge - “These guys know where they're at. They know what time of year it is.”
 Eric Wedge - “It's coming at a real good time.”
 Eric Wedge - “That's as good as I've seen Johnson in a long time.”
 Eric Wedge - “Eduardo was real good. He had that hit and made some really tough plays at first. It was a great first day for him. He'll get the bulk of his playing time at first base. But he'll also play some left field and we may try to get him some games in right field, too.”
 Eric Wedge - “Byrd is a veteran guy who knows how to get ready for the season. Every time out he's been a little better.”
 Eric Wedge - “He's tough. That guy just gives you a greater effort every time he goes out there.”
 Eric Wedge - “I don't look at one point in time as the turning point,”
 Eric Wedge - “He's a guy that I have a great deal of respect for because he had to really work hard to grind through a tough period of time, where he was making some adjustments,”
 Eric Wedge - “I don't look at it as us losing leads as us getting leads back. To me the glass is half-full, not half-empty, ... We're playing a good team in a meaningful time of the year. Our guys are playing just the way I want them to play.”
 Eric Wedge - “That's the type of player Grady is. That's the way he plays, all the time. That's what I love about him. I'm just glad the fence gave a little.”
 Eric Wedge - “It doesn't matter how you score runs, particularly at this time of year.”
 Eric Wedge - “There's a lot of energy out there. You love to see that this time of year.”
 Eric Wedge - “One thing these guys have always done is learn through different experiences that they've gone though and being that much better next time around. And I anticipate seeing that happen this year.”
 Eric Wedge - “That's because the last three outs of the game are the hardest. You manage a game to get to your closer. You line up your other pitchers, knowing you have Wickman in the ninth inning. By the time I bring in my closer, I'm pretty much done managing. That's my last pitching move. The game is in his hands, and he has to get those last three outs.”
 Eric Wedge - “He's going to have to go out and work off a mound a couple times. He's working his way back.”
 Eric Wedge - “C.C. probably will have to go out and throw off a mound (on rehab) a couple of times.”
 Eric Wedge - “He went home and iced it four or five times. It's still sore, but he's back in there.”
 Eric Wedge - “There's was a couple of times there we would've probably have gone to him,”
 Eric Wedge - “These guys are hitters first, ... The power will come, and at certain times during the season we're going to have stretches like this.”

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