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 Eric Wedge - “This is fun. I love to watch these guys play, how they go out and compete day after day. They've earned the right to be where they are.”
 Eric Wedge - “I actually did watch the last four or five innings of it. That was an interesting game. You don't see those games in this day and age.”
 Eric Wedge - “You watch somebody do that, you learn from it. You see what happens if you dont give into it, you fight through it and you give your team a chance to win.”
 Eric Wedge - “He's feeling a little better today. But it has been a week now, and I'm sure he's somewhat weak just from the time he has missed.”
 Eric Wedge - “Again, that's an individual thing. The experience of going through what they went through last year helps, and I think the warm weather this spring has helped, too.”
 Eric Wedge - “The offense did a pretty good job. But I think the seventh inning took the wind out of our sails a little bit. It was just one of those nights.”
 Eric Wedge - “We'll monitor how much each player plays in those games, and then work off that when they get back. Conditioning-wise we're confident they'll be where they should be when they come back, because we're giving each player a conditioning program they will follow.”
 Eric Wedge - “Element-wise, the ball has been flying out of here to right field this spring. But Danny was keeping the ball down, and the results were no indication of the way he was throwing the ball.”
 Eric Wedge - “Last year was the first time that word even crept up -- expectations. I don't think the expectations were much more than being a contender. Obviously, these guys went out and had a fantastic year but fell short. This year, the expectations are to go out and win this division. That's the way these guys approach each and every day. Now it's about time to go out and see what happens.”
 Eric Wedge - “Without having to worry about his leg and having a year under his belt versus not having played for a year and a half, he's been a different guy from day one this spring.”
 Eric Wedge - “I worry about guys such as (reliever) Fernando Cabrera (Puerto Rico), who is still young and developing.”
 Eric Wedge - “It was a bad night all around. It's one game, and the injuries are as tough on us as anything. From a team standpoint, we have to forget this one. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong.”
 Eric Wedge - “It was a bad night all the way around. The injuries, obviously, are as tough on us as anything. We'll hope for the best and see where we are. From a team standpoint we've got to forget about this one. Anything that could go wrong went wrong. We've got to put it behind us and try to come out and win this series (today).”
 Eric Wedge - “Everything that could did wrong. We have to put this one behind us.”
 Eric Wedge - “It wasn't a good night at all. Everything that could go wrong did. It's just one game, but we're definitely a better team than we showed.”
 Chris Wedge - “We had no idea what we were in for when we started Blue Sky. We just had an idea of what we wanted to do. When we got to a point where it seemed impossible, we just kept doing it. After 18 years, we have a lot of it done.”
 Eric Wedge - “What's exciting for me as a manager, and I think for our fans, is that our team should only get better and has the potential to remain a quality team for several years.”
 Eric Wedge - “Cliff has won a lot of games for us the last two years, and all we ask from our pitchers is they give us a chance to win, which he has done.”
 Eric Wedge - “Yesterday, I think he was more than just fighting himself mentally, he felt really good in the bullpen. He's still coming back. You sometimes take a step back and two steps forward. I think we'll keep his pitch count down the first month and then round them up a little after that. I think he's going to be fine.”
 Eric Wedge - “Our guys set the tone early and kept going with it. They are doing a good job of not being satisfied with yesterday and not taking for granted today.”
 Eric Wedge - “The bullpen starts with the closer. If you have a guy you can count on, it allows you to keep people in roles.”
 Eric Wedge - “That was a tough one with Omar. I knew he didn't want to hit leadoff, and fortunately we had other people who could get us through it without him hitting leadoff.”
 Eric Wedge - “They didn't give in and showed great patience. We battled back all night.”
 Eric Wedge - “It just simplifies our focus a little bit more. The Wild Card's our path to the playoffs, so our preparation and our focus from day to day will remain the same.”
 Eric Wedge - “It just simplifies our focus a little bit more, ... The Wild Card's our path to the playoffs, so our preparation and our focus from day to day will remain the same.”

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