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 Eric Wedge - “He's been good against us a few times this season, ... He keeps everything off the middle of the plate, and he doesn't give in when he gets in hitters counts. He works hard to stay away from mistakes.”
 Eric Wedge - “He's had a great year. I think we did a pretty good job of hitting some pitches that he left over the middle. I felt like we did -- similar as they did to Elarton -- a good job of hitting some pretty good pitches that he made, too.”
 Eric Wedge - “When you talk about Haf, he's a guy who's in the middle of the lineup, he's one of the better hitters in the league, he's going to be pitched tough, ... He does a good job of handling all that. Travis is headstrong. He's a competitor.”
 Eric Wedge - “I just think he was over the middle of the plate and they were swinging the bats well tonight. It was a bad night, all the way around. It's one game.”
 Eric Wedge - “We got all of those meetings out of the way today. We'll talk to the position players next week.”
 Eric Wedge - “That's more of an individual thing. It's a matter of them focusing individually on getting off to a better start.”
 Eric Wedge - “He doesn't pitch to any pattern. He was speeding us up, slowing us down. He didn't make any mistakes. When a guy pitches like that, he's tough to beat.”
 Eric Wedge - “We couldn't do anything with him. He never got into a pattern, and he didn't make any mistakes. When a guy can do that, you are going to be in trouble.”
 Eric Wedge - “He would have to be a contortionist to make that catch.”
 Eric Wedge - “We don't have to deal with it as much as some other clubs. We just have to monitor our guys and make sure they're making progress towards opening day.”
 Eric Wedge - “It's going to take him a while to be as sharp as he ultimately will be. We're just slow-playing it with him. We've got a program with him to make sure he's strong and ready for opening day.”
 Eric Wedge - “There's a transitional period anytime you make a change,”
 Eric Wedge - “The big mistake cost us. Benny said the ball cut on him, (but) he's got to make that play.”
 Eric Wedge - “He has and continues to make a strong impression on us.”
 Eric Wedge - “He has and continues to make a strong impression on us. He's had a good chance to play and he's making the most of it. Andy is definitely going to have his time.”
 Eric Wedge - “It's always a stretch that all five guys make 30 starts. But we're sure going to try.”
 Eric Wedge - “We don't have too many decisions to make.”
 Eric Wedge - “Jason is an emotional guy, an intense guy. Those attributes can work for him, but he has to make sure they don't take him out of his delivery.”
 Eric Wedge - “You want him to frustrate hitters. He knows himself very well. He can make adjustments throughout the course of a game and even during an at-bat.”
 Eric Wedge - “It was the right play. Jose just didn't make a good throw,”
 Eric Wedge - “Jose made the right play, he just didn't make a good throw. He pulled it a little bit.”
 Eric Wedge - “Westbrook battled his tail off out there, ... They didn't make it easy on him, either. He made big pitches, and then, obviously, our bullpen did an outstanding job.”
 Eric Wedge - “It's something I have the luxury not to comment on.”
 Eric Wedge - “Good luck. I'm pulling for you.”
 Eric Wedge - “It's tough, ... Anytime you finish the season with a loss, it's tough. But that's the way it is. I do think you've got to take a step back and, once the smoke settles, reflect on what this team has accomplished.”

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