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 Eric Wedge - “Jake was fantastic. He had a live arm and a live fastball.”
 Eric Wedge - “He has a real live arm and a fastball that shows life in the zone. He plays catch with the catcher and has some zip.”
 Eric Wedge - “He threw the ball well. He has a live fastball and slider.”
 Eric Wedge - “J.D. has a position player's mentality in that he wants to participate every day. It's safe to say that his resilience is a pleasant surprise.”
 Eric Wedge - “I think rightfully so. We've got a lot of pride in that clubhouse. Any time you play the way we did (Monday) night, you're going to be upset, and you should be.”
 Eric Wedge - “That's exactly right. Because of the experience our hitters now have, we were able to stick to our approach and game plan. Everyone did a great job.”
 Eric Wedge - “We plan on him being back this weekend sometime.”
 Eric Wedge - “I didn't really have a Plan B. But I would have had to come up with one real quick.”
 Eric Wedge - “We need him to go out and be normal. He needs to trust that he's healthy and can perform.”
 Eric Wedge - “That is very rare at the big-league level. But those things don't just happen by chance. There is some luck involved, but preparation is important, too. And the pitchers have to perform.”
 Eric Wedge - “I'll be there. But no doubt about it. This is a real good time for us to have an off day.”
 Eric Wedge - “I felt like he was going to be better just watching him walk through the door that first day. You figured that he had another year under his belt and he was farther away from the issues.”
 Eric Wedge - “Mark always does a good job of staying in conversations with teams ... keeping his foot in the door and keeping the options open. So I think until we get past Aug. 31, anything is possible.”
 Eric Wedge - “There was some discussion, but nothing got close to being a reality. They asked for a lot and got a lot (from the White Sox).”
 Eric Wedge - “We'll have further discussion as far as how to set up the rotation.”
 Eric Wedge - “We had a sloppy first game after that rain delay. But the last couple days, we played good ball. That's what it takes.”
 Eric Wedge - “The other day, things really got sloppy after the rain delay. That's not indicative of the type of team we are. I think today was a much better barometer of the way we are.”
 Eric Wedge - “It was his own process of development that made me feel confident in him. He came along very steadily on both offense and defense. We gradually started playing him more, giving him more to handle. And everything that's come his way he's handled.”
 Eric Wedge - “I think you're deep enough into the season that teams have proved themselves. So nothing's gonna change dramatically, one way or the other.”
 Eric Wedge - “I don't think you'd have a prayer, as deep as he was. When you're staring up into the sun like that, as we all have, you're not seeing a whole lot after you pull away.”
 Eric Wedge - “You want your starting pitchers to go as deep as they possibly can. So you do the best you can with the innings you have available.”
 Eric Wedge - “Jason threw 210 innings last year and is excited to be here. He's a tough competitor, and he wants to pitch deep into games.”
 Eric Wedge - “Come Monday, we'll probably be leaning in one direction. But it's going to be a mid- to late-week before we make a final decision. We want to let this one play out.”
 Eric Wedge - “I don't have a specific date in mind. But once we approach the weekend, we'll probably have a better idea of who's leading. I'm not saying we'll make a decision over the weekend.”
 Eric Wedge - “He has our number. Obviously, we have to make some adjustments. You have to give him credit. He pitched a heck of a game.”

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