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 Charlie Weis - “We know what we're getting ourselves into going there, ... We're going to have to play a lot better than we did last week if we're going to have an opportunity to win this game.”
 Julie Weis - “If you have an opportunity to take steps now to prevent a problem in the future, it's prudent to do so.”
 Julie Weis - “What about that 10 percent or 20 percent that don't have that opportunity”
 John Weis - “It's an opportunity to enliven the area and really greatly expand two non-profits that have really meant a lot to the downtown.”
 Charlie Weis - “Any time you have an opportunity to let the kids know you're thinking of them when they would not think you were thinking of them, ... You either text them before a game, and then you text them after a game to follow up on what happened. I'm not doing anything that everyone else isn't doing. I just think that it's become just part of what you have to do.”
 Charlie Weis - “The way I look at it is he's fought 90 times and he's a Golden Glove guy, it's a four-round fight and it's a lot of money. I think I'd be doing a disservice to the kid if I didn't give him the opportunity.”
 Charlie Weis - “I'm disappointed, ... We had opportunities to ice the game. When you go against an opponent the caliber of USC, and have an opportunity to end the game, you'd better do it.”
 Charlie Weis - “I'm disappointed. We had opportunities to ice the game. When you go against an opponent the caliber of USC, and have an opportunity to end the game, you'd better do it.”
 Charlie Weis - “I think that my coordinators do a great job of taking the message that I have here and pressing it to everyone, ... You can't have too many people voicing their own opinion when it comes to those things.”
 Charlie Weis - “I was disappointed in the number of big plays we gave up. That was one of our big goals going into the game because I thought this was going to be a game of getting big plays.”
 Charlie Weis - “I was disappointed in the number of big plays we gave up. That was critical.”
 Charlie Weis - “He had good composure, ... Now he has plenty of things that he can improve on. It wasn't that he played an error-free game, but he made a number of good plays, a number of good plays in that game.”
 Charlie Weis - “Weis Guy We've got a bigger man crush on Charlie Weis by the day -- in a wholesome sort of way. He wins, he's accountable, and he's refreshing. If Notre Dame wins the toss against Michigan State, it will continue to take the ball, ignoring that nonsense about deferring the option until the second half. We want the ball, ... We want to dictate.”
 Charlie Weis - “I think that I'm really going to have to do a good job of working on their psyche because they'll be down, and it's only human nature. But we'll pick them up. It's our job.”
 H. Haweis - “Words are poor interpreters in the realms of emotion. When all words end, music begins when they suggest, it realizes and hence is the secret of its strange, inexpressible power.”
 Charlie Weis - “There have been times where we've told players on Saturday morning, 'Here's what we're going to do.' Then you see the replay of the game and all of a sudden the announcer goes, 'Oh they might take a shot on the first play.' I mean, 'Hello'”
 Charlie Weis - “He played me (until) the end. I talked to him about payback this morning. Of course, that was after the fax (with Young's signed letter of intent) had come across.”
 Charlie Weis - “He's a very bright football player. You usually only have to tell him something once. Even when he makes a mistake, he understands why as soon as you say it. I obviously have a lot of confidence in him because he really controls everything we do.”
 Charlie Weis - “I told the guys instead of whining about the coaching change, go look in the mirror and realize you went 5-7 and 6-6. If you want to get rid of me just go 5-7 and 6-6 the next two years and get another coach in here.”
 Charlie Weis - “Several people say it and especially my wife, ... It's not exactly the same but, really, I'm from Jersey, he's from Jersey .... He's earned the right to bust chops with the media. So I have to pick and choose my spots and be more tactful, because people are like, 'What have you ever done'”
 Charlie Weis - “I was constantly hearing this game was the big match-up between the two former NFL coaches Weis versus Wannstedt who both returned to lead their old schools. I felt that took away from the real meaning of the game, which took place between the players on the field, not between Dave and myself.”
 Charlie Weis - “You want to talk about a matter of inches. No one was more distraught than Ambrose after that game.”
 Jim Oberweis - “A state Constitutional Amendment is necessary because, as we have seen elsewhere, activist judges have overturned statutory protections of marriage.”
 Charlie Weis - “Now I've got to worry about Michigan, and it doesn't make any difference who we're playing, it's a tough game every week.”
 Charlie Weis - “All along I was going to make adjustments based on whose defense they were playing,”

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