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 Charlie Weis - “I gave him a chance to hammer me on the Michigan State loss, which he did very well. He reminded me of my son,”
 Charlie Weis - “If they're nickel-and-diming you, and getting 5 and 10 (yards), you can live with it and say they're physically kicking your butt, when you give up that many big plays, that was disappointing.”
 Charlie Weis - “I've had those rare opportunities where you get on the big stage for the big game. I've been able to live it. You only have a few times in life when you get those special opportunities. You've got to run with it, take a grasp.”
 Charlie Weis - “He told me about his love for Notre Dame football and how he just wanted to make it through this game this week, ... He just wanted to be able to live through this game because he knew he wasn't going to live very much longer.”
 Charlie Weis - “When a team nickel and dimes you, you can live with that. When you give up that many big plays, it's disappointing.”
 Charlie Weis - “He set the bar. And everybody else just tries to live up to that bar he set. It's probably unreachable, but at the same time it's great to have something for everyone to shoot for.”
 Charlie Weis - “Offensively, we were really concerned with getting back to mixing and matching and not being one-dimensional and having to throw the ball on every play,”
 Charlie Weis - “He can continue to rehab. He just can't do things full speed. So he's going through drills, I'd say, about three-quarters. But three-quarters at that position -- where you plant and cut and explode -- just isn't good enough to play.”
 Charlie Weis - “The only way you're ever going to get really good is if you play with as much importance on the first play as you do on the last play. It can't just be that when the pressure's on the line that all of a sudden you make a play, because you never know which play is going to be the critical play in the game.”
 Charlie Weis - “We don't put anything in the offense that the quarterback can't handle, ... We don't put anything in the offense that the quarterback doesn't like. If we put something in the game plan and he doesn't like it, I throw it out.”
 Julie Weis - “I have students who want to read this stuff and parents who don't mind, ... edgy.”
 Charlie Weis - “I can't tell you how many times you sit in a draft room and people say 'what kind of tight end is he' because there are very few guys that can block and catch. You can count them on one hand.”
 Eric Weis - “It's a great way to get more bang for your buck. I was very honored to draft that policy and head the subcommittee that created the major crimes task force.”
 Charlie Weis - “There's no doubt that's been the biggest difference. Those guys have slugged it out. When you talk about changing the temperament, it all starts at the line of scrimmage. I think they've done a nice job in the run game, and they've also done a nice job protecting the quarterback.”
 Charlie Weis - “I think I spent too much time talking about the game being a distraction,”
 Charlie Weis - “Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis said his team has handled the many distractions that come with home games, except in the overtime loss to Michigan State. That one he blames on himself. So far, the only distraction created was my fault, to be honest with you, ... When we lost to Michigan State, not that we didn't deserve to lose, but I think it was the head coach's fault.”
 Charlie Weis - “It's significant, especially because we have a national recruiting base. A lot of these kids that go away from home go a long distance and their parents can't just come up to every game. I think the fact that you can tell them that week in and week out, they can be seen on national TV not regional, not local definitely is a good selling point with their families.”
 Charlie Weis - “That's what good defensive coordinators basically do, they try to bait you into being impatient, ... You need to have a lot of mental discipline to play that game. Usually someone breaks down before it's all said and done.”
 Charlie Weis - “For me personally it's very easy to be patient. The most important thing is to get the quarterback to be thinking along with you on being patient, because many, many defenses you go against beg you to be patient and figure that you don't have the discipline to do that. They say, 'Sooner or later (the offense is) going to mess it up.' The really good teams are going to be the teams that don't take the bait.”
 Charlie Weis - “I spent due diligence making sure I went to all the people I knew would be feeling the worst,”
 Margaret Weis - “Hope is the denial of reality.”
 Charlie Weis - “I was very disappointed that we weren't able to run out the clock at the end of the game with 347 left, ... That is the time where the defense should never have to get back on the field.”
 Jim Oberweis - “This is a poster child for what's wrong with the Republican Party. Here's a guy who's supposed to be a high-ranking officer of the Republican Party, yet he's paid an 809,000 commission to lobby on behalf of the Democratic governor's bond debt deal.”
 Jim Oberweis - “That's the purpose of the commercial, she will dance with anyone. We need somebody that won't dance with anyone.”
 Jim Oberweis - “We'll end this culture of corruption that has been so prevalent in this state.”

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