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 Jim Oberweis - “I believe it would be very, very difficult for her to stand up and take the kinds of actions that would be necessary to change that culture.”
 Charlie Weis - “I wanted to take the crowd out of the game. This was a no-huddle offense, but this was not a hurry-up offense. They're two different things. This was so that I didn't have to have guys not hear the play in the huddle. It was just so that we could take the noise out of the game.”
 Charlie Weis - “I wanted to take the crowd out of the game. This was a no-huddle offense, but it was not a hurry-up offense. They're two different things. I just wanted to take the noise out of the game.”
 Charlie Weis - “Pete's been a head coach for a lot of years. I've been a head coach for five games. I'd be giving myself undue credit if I put myself there in that rank with Pete.”
 Charlie Weis - “Pete's been a head coach for a lot of years. I've been a head coach for five games, ... I'd be giving myself undue credit if I put myself there in that rank with Pete.”
 Charlie Weis - “Obviously, they have weapons on offense. They got weapons on defense. They're very well coached. They are the No. 1 team in the country and they deserve to be.”
 Charlie Weis - “We're independent. All I know is that any time you're affiliated with a conference, you're considered regional. OK And we're national. That's the way I look at it. That's a great resource. We have Notre Dame clubs all over the country and all over the world. Trust me, I know, because they're all asking me to go speak. I'm voting independent for life.”
 Charlie Weis - “The playbook that Kent has, we have. When they walk out the door, they can take everything else with them. When you have a copy of it, you have a copy of it. It kind of helps a little bit when you know the foundation of the playbook.”
 John Weis - “It's always easy to convert industrial to housing because the rewards to a developer for housing are significant enough to pay for the change of use. But when you insert artists . . . typically they are not able to support the kind of prices the housing developers can. That will make implementation there a bit more challenging.”
 Charlie Weis - “Reggie and I had a nice conversation about that down in Orlando. We sat down for about 10 or 15 minutes and we were talking about a bunch of things. I think when you're in football you can't look at the what-ifs.”
 Charlie Weis - “We've already talked about it I talked about it (Saturday) in the locker room. I'm not going to make a big deal out of it. (The players) can say whatever they want they're big boys. I just don't think it's going to be a long conversation.”
 Jim Oberweis - “We need to bring our costs back under control. It needs to stop.”
 Charlie Weis - “Since the first day I arrived at Notre Dame as head football coach, one of my primary goals was to be able to see this job through to the time my son, Charlie, would graduate from the University of Notre Dame and to stay in this position until I retire. By restructuring this contract, adding an additional five years, this allows me to accomplish that goal.”
 Charlie Weis - “I told them you don't get any medals for trying. I'm never content when you end up losing.”
 Charlie Weis - “I'm content to have any replay at all, ... even though I think that it is a bit of a security blanket the way it stands. They can err on the side of being safe because they know that they have the backup.”
 Charlie Weis - “And I'm never going to be content with a comeback when you end up losing ... You can't just accept being in a game that's close and end up losing it. It's just not okay.”
 Charlie Weis - “What we're shooting for is trying to get the defense and the offense and the special teams all playing consistent at the same time.”
 Charlie Weis - “His goal every game starts with being able to dominate on the line of scrimmage as a blocker because a tight end's job is to be an extension of the offensive line. This offense is not one where the tight end is detached all over the place and just running routes as a receiver. It all starts with a run-pass threat, and I think Anthony has been one of our most consistent players the entire season.”
 Charlie Weis - “If you ever get too conservative, you're in for a long, hard day.”
 Charlie Weis - “You gain some confidence when you do that because when you believe that somebody's going to make a play to keep them out of the end zone, it keeps you playing hard on every play, even if you've given up a good play. They've proven to be fairly resilient.”
 Charlie Weis - “I see what I've been used to seeing for a lot of years, only he's a high school kid. I see a man playing amongst boys at the high school level. Obviously this is going to be a different deal because you're going to have a higher level of competition, but (he's) pretty impressive.”
 Charlie Weis - “Leadership is something we often talk about but is usually an intangible quality, ... Leadership has to come from many places - the head coach and the coaching staff, for sure - but ultimately it must come from the players themselves. That's why the Leadership Committee will be such an important facet of our football team.”
 Charlie Weis - “When you get to the point where you have that type of command,”
 Charlie Weis - “Part of going to Notre Dame is knowing the magnitude of big games, ... I can't tell you how many times in college it seemed like No. 1 was coming in here and they went home with a loss. I understand we're an underdog in this game, but it would be pretty cool to win, don't you think”
 Charlie Weis - “I think he is a really good coach. He has been good for college football. He came in there when that program was a little down. Obviously, they're setting the bar now.”

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