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 Arsene Wenger - “Ashley did well and physically he looks sharp. He's getting better and better and he's ready for 90 minutes. He's had two games in the reserves so it shouldn't be a problem.”
 Arsene Wenger - “Now we have six points after two games - and we take it in a cautious way. After a dodgy start we are getting a good run together.”
 Arsene Wenger - “I don't know if he will be available on Saturday, anyway we're changing the team every two games. I feel he played very well physically in the first half. In the second I think he was handicapped a bit by his injury. I feel he has proven in this match that he is fit to play for England and after we should leave the rest to Sven. But I believe he will be available for England.”
 Arsene Wenger - “You need two good games and we have to play one more to go through. There's still 90 minutes to go. We need a good defensive performance.”
 Arsene Wenger - “This is his garden here and he feels completely at ease. You know when he walks on the pitch here that he will score a goal. The quality of his goal was great, with the quality of the pass from Robert Pires and the timing of his finishing.”
 Arsene Wenger - “You expect Madrid to be at their best but I'm sure my players will give their all from the very first minute.”
 Arsene Wenger - “Beckham is a player that, if you give him time, he will feed others. And when he feeds he feeds well.”
 Arsene Wenger - “To be performing well is to defend well against a team like Real Madrid. But the second part of the job begins when you win the ball back. You want to give them some problems and you want to score goals and not just be negative.”
 Arsene Wenger - “You cannot take class away. Maybe Dennis has lost a little pace, and maybe he needs to play more often than we can give him. But this became his day because he made it so. He scored a great goal and created a second, but he also gave us intelligence and class.”
 Lisa Wenger - “We're not going to give up on Prayer.”
 Michael Wenger - “We're not going to give up on Prayer,”
 Arsene Wenger - “We are a team which always likes to go forward. The best way to approach a game is by scoring goals.”
 Arsene Wenger - “Even if we are a bit flat, we can always score goals -- and we know that.”
 Arsene Wenger - “Even if we are a little bit flat we can always score goals. That's very positive,”
 Arsene Wenger - “I'm happy in every department, but the only regret I have is that we could have scored one or two more goals and that means the game is still wide open.”
 Arsene Wenger - “We're scoring goals, we don't concede and that's a good basis to get better.”
 Arsene Wenger - “I'm confident, I believe in my team. We want to go there and try to score goals, and play our game.”
 Arsene Wenger - “I'm reasonably pleased but I felt we should have scored more goals.”
 Arsene Wenger - “Ideally you would want to score all kinds of goals, but recently it has been set-pieces, but we want to score goals the way we love to.”
 Arsene Wenger - “In January, we will sit together. We will try to have a good chat.”
 John Wenger - “Rojas got tired at the end. But we really didn't have anybody else, so I asked him to gut it out. It was good to have a seven-run cushion, since we needed all of it.”
 Arsene Wenger - “It's good for the Premier League - it makes it open again and more interesting,”
 Arsene Wenger - “He's one of those players who can be technically good and physically strong.”
 Arsene Wenger - “Ideally you would like every-one to be available. but on the other hand I don't look for excuses before the game starts.”
 Arsene Wenger - “when somebody spends 50 or 60 a head on a ticket it is not because he wants to be bored.”

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