My Favorite Quotes
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 Willie Aames - “When you're in that scene, you really wonder if this is all you're ever going to be. You know how vile and filthy you are inside.”
 Willie Aames - “We've been called, and He has blessed.”
 Willie Aames - “We produce programs that honor God and impact our world.”
 Willie Aames - “This show has been a major revitalization of my family life and personal life. It gave my family an avenue to speak to me honestly.”
 Willie Aames - “This is not what I would have chosen. But I have a heart to be obedient.”
 Willie Aames - “This is an exact replica of my chest.”
 Willie Aames - “Pray for your mate. Ask God to soften your heart and show you ways to be a better spouse.”
 Willie Aames - “It's good that kids know the Scripture. It's best that they know the Scripture and get the concept. All I can say is, it's working.”
 Willie Aames - “It's easy to be led astray when you're so broken. People take advantage of you.”
 Willie Aames - “I'm cleaning toilets for 30 a day, because I needed that 30, and people are pointing at me, saying, Look at the big movie star. Look where he is now. I just said, I'm where God put me.”
 Willie Aames - “I tell kids that people will let them down and people will hurt them. But Jesus Christ will never let them down and never hurt them.”
 Willie Aames - “I suppose what's unique about our presentation is the amount of Scripture that kids get.”
 Willie Aames - “I remember thinking, That's what I need - and that hope was in Jesus Christ.”
 Willie Aames - “I had never really pictured myself working in children's ministries. I always figured I would be more comfortable with maybe teens or adult ministries.”
 Willie Aames - “I don't think you need to go looking for the enemy. He's going to look for you.”
 Willie Aames - “God continues to work miracles in my life.”
 Willie Aames - “The girl I was dating heard this preacher on the radio, and she thought his message was something I should hear. I thought, Great, a preacher. Just what I need.”
 Willie Aames - “I want kids to understand that strength doesn't come from what goes on around you. It comes from inside you, and that comes from Jesus Christ.”
 Willie Aames - “When you're 19 years old, you make 1 million a year, you've dated all the coolest people on earth, you've hung out with the coolest people on earth.”
 Willie Aames - “We're seeing how the videos translate to the live shows and how the technology is really reaching kids.”
 Willie Aames - “God gives me the children's ministry heart and patience. This is what He wants. It's awesome. I don't know where He's gonna take it-but God is building this thing.”
 Willie Aames - “I get scared to death when I see people who say they've found Jesus Christ, and they're out there, and I wonder, who's teaching them Who's mentoring them”
 Willie Aames - “We've both been married before and our previous experiences made us fearful of commitment.”
 Willie Aames - “If there's comfort involved, it's probably not for me.”
 Willie Aames - “I realized there was very little in Hollywood I would ever feel comfortable doing. If I kept one foot there and one foot in my Christianity, I would never grow.”

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