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 Xinhua Agency - “The situation has been effectively controlled. After one or two days of treatment, they regained their health.”
 Xinhua Agency - “The move is expected to ensure a safe water quality at the lower reaches of the river.”
 Xinhua Agency - “Waves of the explosion pushed down the temple, and some people were buried beneath the debris.”
 Xinhua Agency - “We must sternly warn that those with ill-gotten wealth and those who use illegitimate means to reap staggering profits, destroy the order of the socialist market economy and disrupt market order, will meet legal punishment.”
 Xinhua Agency - “According to the notice, government institutions should play a leading role in reducing resources consumption and guide the consumption mode of society.”
 Xinhua Agency - “Some Japanese politicians stick to their wrong view of history and try to justify their country's past military misdeeds. Those Japanese politicians should stop their fallacies, give up their wrong views, and return to the right track of mending fences.”
 Xinhua Agency - “Police were forced to open fire in alarm. In the chaos, three villagers died.”
 Xinhua Agency - “The victory has greatly raised the political vigilance of the nation, saved and protected a large number of the cheated, punished the evil and maintained the social stability of the country.”
 Xinhua Agency - “The situation is currently under control in the three affected areas.”
 Xinhua Agency - “The company tried to hide the incident from local environmental protection officials but residents reported the matter to officials on February 5.”
 Xinhua Agency - “More than 98 per cent of them have junior college degrees or higher.”
 Xinhua Agency - “Otherwise, China will face another big increase in population and more pressure on its resources and environment.”
 Xinhua Agency - “China is determined to protect copyright and will continue its efforts to fight against porn and piracy.”
 Xinhua Agency - “China needs to develop regional air transport because of the country's size and population.”
 Xinhua Agency - “The failure to arrest these officials swiftly may be detrimental to the efforts to create a harmonious socialist society in China the foundation of the ruling Communist Party of China.”
 Xinhua Agency - “In times past, we couldn't manufacture even a car or ship. Today an independent, self-sufficient, constantly strengthening China has, like a miracle, become one of a handful of countries able to make the dream of spaceflight a reality.”
 Xinhua Agency - “The Chinese have every reason to care so much about Greenspan's visit. Almost everyone knows that whatever conclusion Greenspan draws up after his China visit would certainly have its impact.”
 Xinhua Agency - “China plans to make breakthroughs in extreme manufacturing (and) robots capable of doing intelligent services. China will focus its energy research on the economical, efficient and clean use of energy and the exploration of new energy resources.”
 Xinhua Agency - “Although the three cases are diagnosed as pneumonia of unknown causes at present, the possibility of human infection of the highly deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu cannot be ruled out.”
 Xinhua Agency - “The two patients have been confirmed to be infected with bird flu in accordance with the standards of the World Health Organization.”
 Xinhua Agency - “The provincial government has set up a special team to investigate the accusations of pollution and shut down those chemical plants thought responsible.”