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 Yasser Arafat - “It's important that the public knows that Christ was a Palestinian, give me AP's and Reuters telephone numbers now.”
 Yasser Arafat - “to give Arafat a nudge, no -- more than that -- a push.”
 Yasser Arafat - “Regrettably, this is a dangerous escalation that drags the whole region into a very critical, bad and grave situation,”
 Yasser Arafat - “I have to be honest with you for the need to completely stop these attacks that have been condemned repeatedly by the Palestinian leadership,”
 Yasser Arafat - “This confirms what I have said from the beginning, that this is an attempt to avoid the accurate and honest implementation of what has been agreed upon,”
 Yasser Arafat - “I hope this will close the chapter forever,”
 Yasser Arafat - “They could not shake us when they besieged us in Beirut. Now we're in Palestine -- what hope has Sharon of shaking us”
 Yasser Arafat - “No one single house to be added. Not any expansion to any settlement,”
 Yasser Arafat - “We had met. I had met Shimon Peres in Cairo, in Lisbon before that, before that my colleagues met him in Athens with the participation of the European Union's Javier Solana and we have no objection to meeting him at any time.”
 Yasser Arafat - “The Palestinian leadership decided not to resume the negotiations without having an official clarification by the Prime Minister of Israel about his decisions today, which confused us, ... First he asked us to stop the negotiations and later in the evening he asked us to resume it.”
 Yasser Arafat - “A separate report by the New York Times also released today claims Arafat's medical records indicated the late PLO leader died of a stroke. The report, which says it is the first independent review of Arafat's medical records ... an omission experts found bizarre.”
 Yasser Arafat - “support the American effort to put an end to the violence and to stabilize the situation.”
 Yasser Arafat - “Leaders have the responsibility to denounce violence, strip it of legitimacy, stop it, ... no question that America will stand by Israel.”
 Yasser Arafat - “I hope that (Netanyahu) will go to Washington with a positive response to the American initiative, and not to try again to open dialogue, to waste time,”
 Yasser Arafat - “Islam as a religion forbids anyone to harm any civilians, any innocent people, around the world.”
 Yasser Arafat - “Our people will remain steadfast until a boy or a girl holds the flag of Palestine over Jerusalem, the capital of our Palestinian state,”
 Yasser Arafat - “our people are getting rid of the traitors one by one.”
 Yasser Arafat - “The daily Israeli aggression is offensive to our people, our villages, our refugee camps and holy sites which belong to Muslims and Christians,”
 Yasser Arafat - “a victory for our people, for all the free and proud people and for every freedom movement in the world.”
 Yasser Arafat - “the Lebanese people have the right to defend their land.”
 Yasser Arafat - “So here we extend our hand to you in reconciliation, and we extend the olive branch to resume the path that we began in Madrid and Oslo,”
 Yasser Arafat - “We cannot confine the talks to security issues, ... All issues should be discussed with Ross in order to reach positive results.”
 Yasser Arafat - “suffocating siege and ongoing oppression.”
 Yasser Arafat - “He said a small window of opportunity ... believe our way of fighting terror won.”
 Yasser Arafat - “I would like to call on you to re-evaluate all our administrative, ministerial and security institutions after we have seen errors here and there, errors that cannot be hidden from the public opinion.”

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