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 Dmitri Young - “I put up great numbers, better than a lot of players who got called up around the majors. A lot of them were on contending teams, ... Tampa's going nowhere this year, so they could at least call up the guys who are going to be there in the future.”
 David Young - “This really is -- what we believe is a critical task for us, and for you -- to assist us in moving forward and looking to the future.”
 Alexander Young - “The best growth at a reasonable price is to be found in the emerging markets, where you have 15 earnings growth, just like in Japan, but multiples of only 10 or 11. We're expecting another year of double-digit gains in earnings.”
 Michael Young - “There was an initial run up of several dollars per barrel in crude last week. It's given up nearly all those gains.”
 Curt Young - “Oh yeah, he's going to be in a lot of winning situations for us. He's going to be a big part of a lot of games.”
 Tom Young - “Those are things you like to happen every year, but they don't happen every year. Obviously, it hasn't happened since. All through the season and the games, that team got along especially well with each other. That carried over in life and in reality has gotten much stronger.”
 Scott Young - “We have to score more goals. (But) at least we're getting chances. When you're not getting chances, it's really bad. Other games, we got 15 shots on net. That's never going to cut it. But there were signs of life tonight.”
 Sophia Young - “We as seniors had never won here. We know what it's like to be in games like this. I was just open and my teammates did a good job getting me the ball.”
 Tony Young - “Right now it's more with player improvement going into the tournament. He's working us on our individual games.”
 Jason Young - “We felt all three were sectional-caliber opponents and, obviously, Northwest is in our sectional. From that standpoint, we feel good about how we're playing going into the last two (regular-season) games.”
 Michael Young - “I'm really trying not to think about it. I've been doing the best I can to just focus on finishing out the schedule for the right reasons, and that's to try to help the team win as many games.”
 Chris Young - “I think it's great. It looks as if I will be able to host all my home games up to Nov. 11 without there being a complicating issue.”
 Jeff Young - “We had a couple of tough games back to back that we played well in and lost, and then a game we won 10-0 that I don't think really helped us. Maybe we came in overconfident. We just got outplayed.”
 Steve Young - “Oh yeah, I was watching them. I went to a couple of games last year and followed them pretty closely.”
 Jason Young - “Some coaches have different philosophies. But I'd much rather have to win two games than three games to win the sectional.”
 Jessica Young - “We win a lot of games by running. When we slow the ballgame down, that's when we struggle.”
 Steve Young - “We've been able to extend our demographics a little younger to add some of the 20-plus generation into the mix. Our ratings are up, and the revenues have increased somewhere between 1 and 2 million a year.”
 Justin Young - “We're the IM generation. They're going to put our screen names on our tombstones.”
 Justin Young - “We're the IM generation, ... They're going to put our screen names on our tombstones.”
 Kevin Young - “very gentle with the young ones.”
 Vince Young - “He's a gifted athlete, and just came out and played the game. Him coming in at running back shows what kind of talent he has. He's getting better with his receiving routes, and getting better running the ball.”
 Vince Young - “A rumor is a rumor to me, it's just like high school, they say you kissed some girl, but you really didn't, so that's how I feel about it.”
 Brian Young - “It took Vonda 15 minutes to regain consciousness. The light bulb went off in my head. Sooner or later, Ann was going to hurt a girl.”
 Andrew Young - “The pluses outweigh the minuses. They do give benefits, they do have health insurance.”
 Beth Young - “You can't get down in this district. We started 0-2 and that makes it hard. You can't ever give up.”

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