My Favorite Quotes
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 Stephanie Young - “When they say the name Middleton, you don't know who to root for. So you give up and root for all of them.”
 Ken Young - “Right now we're in Phase One. Phase Two will give us more room to accommodate a growth in students.”
 Catherine Young - “We've always been a good serving team. Those aren't points we're going to give away we expect to win those.”
 Richard Young - “Carving is a fun thing. People who might admire carving but who have never tried it should really give it a try.”
 Paul Young - “We are going to go there and give 100 per cent. We want to score at least one goal and not give up any.”
 Sam Young - “We want to exceed expectations. We don't just want to give our customers what they are asking for. We want to give them what they need.”
 David Young - “What I've found with the young people I've worked with when you give it to them, they're excited about it they're eager to learn it.”
 Andrew Young - “We rise in glory as we sink in pride.''”
 Vince Young - “Quit acting like we accomplished something, ... We haven't reached our goals yet.”
 Paul Young - “I am not satisfied in giving up three goals.”
 Paul Young - “It wasn't a bad game. We got the chances but we could not score and as we all know goals win matches.”
 Gary Young - “We're quite pleased with most of the areas that the kids tested in. We made our goals that we set at the beginning of (last) year. Each teacher has to set a goal for each one of their students for improvement, and most of them were satisfied with how they did.”
 Beth Young - “We set goals for 20 wins and the playoffs. We accomplished it. We have something to build on now.”
 Marissa Young - “Getting here was our goal, but now that we are here, being here isn't enough. I want to take home a ball, preferably a gold one (for a state championship). We want to be a team that is remembered.”
 Brian Young - “It was a good swim, both of them were good swims. I felt pretty nervous. I did want to get the gold, but Andrew Criner is just a great swimmer, he swam in the low 52s.”
 Catherine Young - “Whew, we knew Bentonville was going to be good, and one of the teams to beat in the conference ... I hope they all aren't that good, because if they are I am going to retire.”
 Kevin Young - “That is going to be the big one. Jones is good, but he's a sophomore. That's a spot where things can go really well or really bad.”
 Michael Young - “He's letting himself be viewed as a good guy, but an empty suit. And that's potentially fatal to him.”
 Albert Young - “We're zero and zero, just like everybody else. We feel we have a pretty good team here, and we've got to keep doing the things we're doing.”
 Thaddeus Young - “I think it was just two good teams that both had our stretches. We just had a better stretch.”
 Craig Young - “Any upside is a bonus. Fairfax probably looks like a good takeover.”
 Andrew Young - “See, for good or bad before when we the board met, we just did whatever Coretta wanted us to do.”
 Troy Young - “That's a good thing about our team. Everybody picks it up when somebody lets down a little.”
 Ann Young - “I think that having any interface is important. I used it mainly when the teacher made us for the digital drop box, but I think it's good.”
 Scott Young - “He's just been good for us.”

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