My Favorite Quotes
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 David Johnson - “We can't assume they were accomplices or not.”  
 Edwin M. Stanton - “All persons harboring or secreting the conspirators or aiding their concealment or escape, will be treated as accomplices in the murder of the President and shall be subject to trial before a military commission, and the punishment of death.”  
 Ivan Illich - “Exporting Church employees to Latin America masks a universal and unconscious fear of a new Church. North and South American authorities, differently motivated but equally fearful, become accomplices in maintaining a clerical and irrelevant Church. Sacralizing employees and property, this Church becomes progressively more blind to the possibilities of Sacralizing person and community.”  
 Bob Curtis - “We have video of each time this has happened and we can tell it's the same man. And he also now has accomplices he's brought in.”  
 Gloria Arroyo - “Jobless people in those areas are so easily led to follow the siren song of the easy money coming from being hatchet men and accomplices of the terrorist groups,”  
 Bill Clinton - “Terror leaves bitter enemies. The poison stays long in the well. The purpose, after all, is not to achieve military victory, but to achieve a change in circumstances by terror, to make us afraid of today, afraid of tomorrow, afraid of each other. Therefore, it cannot win unless we become admitting accomplices, changing the way we think and feel and live.”  
 George Bernard Shaw - “Those who minister to poverty and disease are accomplices in the two worst of all crimes”  
 John McCain - “In the Washington soft money game, big business and big labor are accomplices working together to protect the mushy middle of big government, with plenty of special interest plums Big unions get big spending and big business gets corporate welfare and special tax breaks -- all at the expense of average Americans,”  
 Antoine de Saint-Exupery - “The injustice of defeat lies in the fact that its most innocent victims are made to look like heartless accomplices. It is impossible to see behind defeat, the sacrifices, the austere performance of duty, the self-discipline and the vigilance that are there -- those things the god of battle does not take account of.”  
 Slobodan Milosevic - “The appointed lawyers... are accomplices in a staged political process against the Yugoslav leader who defended the country against the NATO aggressors.”  
 Martin Luther - “When my heart is cold and I cannot pray as I should I scourge myself with the thought of the impiety and ingratitude of my enemies, the Pope and his accomplices and vermin, and Zwingli, so that my heart swells with the righteous indignation and hatre”  
 David Johnson - “We can't assume they were accomplices or not.”  
 Vidal Querol - “We are on alert because we do not know at this time if the suspect was acting on his own or if he has accomplices.”  
 Edward Murrow - “No one can terrorize a whole nation, unless we are all his accomplices.”  
 George Steiner - “Men are accomplices to that which leaves them indifferent.”  
 Ajay Kumar - “The accused is wanted by the Bihar Police in more than a dozen cases and he was arrested when he came to the city to meet some of his accomplices.”  
 Steve Forbes - “a full explanation of what happened, why it happened, how it happened and who were the president's accomplices. He did not do this alone and all those involved should be brought to the bar of justice.”  
 Abdul Aziz - “We have confirmed that Rahman is inside along with two of his accomplices.”  
 Antonin Artaud - “And what is an authentic madman It is a man who preferred to become mad, in the socially accepted sense of the word, rather than forfeit a certain superior idea of human honor. So society has strangled in its asylums all those it wanted to get rid of or protect itself from, because they refused to become its accomplices in certain great nastinesses. For a madman is also a man whom society did not want to hear and whom it wanted to prevent from uttering certain intolerable truths.”  
 Proverb - “He who holds the ladder is as bad as the thief.”  
 Joseph Louis LaGrange - “When we ask advice, we are usually looking for an accomplice.”  
 Erasmus Darwin - “He who allows oppression shares the crime.”  
 Will Rogers - “A holding company is a thing where you hand an accomplice the goods while the policeman searches you.”