My Favorite Quotes
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 John Updike - “The first breath of adultery is the freest after it, constraints aping marriage develop.”  
 Randall Terry - “I didn't run off with the secretary. It made it seem like I had committed adultery and then ran off with a secretary, neither of which happened.”  
 Mark Ruffalo - “You know, fifty percent of the marriages in America end in divorce, and eighty percent of married couples, one or the other has had adultery.”  
 Liam Neeson - “But, you know, there's still an argument, there's still ten states that outlaw premarital sex, and many more states where adultery is still outlawed and a crime.”  
 Lactantius - “Mars, when guilty of homicide, and set free from the charge of murder by the Athenians through favour, lest he should appear to be too fierce and savage, committed adultery with Venus.”  
 Nicole Kidman - “That goes against what I believe morally. That's adultery, and if I'm accused of that, no, that's not right. I have two kids who see that and remember that and judge me. It didn't happen, and it's not to be reported that way.”  
 Lafcadio Hearn - “French novels generally treat of the relations of women to the world and to lovers, after marriage consequently there is a great deal in French novels about adultery, about improper relations between the sexes, about many things which the English public would not allow.”  
 Natalia Ginzburg - “No adultery is bloodless.”  
 Jerry Falwell - “I do not believe we can blame genetics for adultery, homosexuality, dishonesty and other character flaws.”  
 Samuel Butler - “Christ and The Church If he were to apply for a divorce on the grounds of cruelty, adultery and desertion, he would probably get one.”  
 Jim Bakker - “God's forgiveness is the only thing. And, well, I take full responsibility for the adultery. It was my fault and, you know, no matter what went on, the man has to take responsibility and I do.”  
 Marquis De Sade - “Behold, my love, behold all that I simultaneously do scandal, seduction, bad example, incest, adultery, sodomy Oh, Satan one and unique God of my soul, inspire thou in me something yet more, present further perversions to my smoking heart, and then shalt thou see how I shall plunge myself into them all”  
 Dorothy Rothschild Parker - “He Robert Benchley and I had an office so tiny that an inch smaller and it would have been adultery.”  
 Jimmy Carter - “I've looked on a lot of women with lust. I've committed adultery in my heart many times.”  
 Anthony Burgess - “The aura of the theocratic death penalty for adultery still clings to America, even outside New England, and multiple divorce, which looks to the European like serial polygamy, is the moral solution to the problem of the itch. Love comes into it too, of course, but in Europe we tend to see marital love as an eternity which encompasses hate and also indifference when we promise to love we really mean that we promise to honor a contract. Americans, seeming to take marriage with not enough seriousness, are really taking love and sex with too much.”  
 William Shakespeare - “O curse of marriage that we can call these delicate creatures ours and not their appetites”  
 Richard Brinsley Sheridan - “Here, my dear Lucy, hide these books. Quick, quick Fling ''Peregrine Pickle'' under the toilette --throw ''Roderick Random'' into the closet --put ''The Innocent Adultery'' into ''The Whole Duty of Man'' thrust ''Lord Aimworth'' under the sofa cram ''Ovid'' behind the bolster there --put ''The Man of Feeling'' into your pocket. Now for them.”  
 Boris Kayser - “We don't have the death penalty for adultery.”  
 Jon Stewart - “Thou shall not kill. Thou shall not commit adultery. Don't eat pork. I'm sorry, what was that last one Don't eat pork. God has spoken. Is that the word of God or is that pigs trying to outsmart everybody”  
 Henry Mencken - “The older I get the more I admire and crave competence, just simple competence, in any field from adultery to zoology.”  
 Edmund Burke - “Society can overlook murder, adultery or swindling it never forgives preaching of a new gospel.”  
 Bertrand Russell - “specially in males. I suppose that in the hunting stage it was more easily gratified than it has been since. The chase was exciting, war was exciting, courtship was exciting. A savage would manage to commit adultery with a woman while her husband is”  
 Nick Lachey - “Sometimes I think it would be easier if I had just walked in the house and found her in bed with a guy. I wouldn't have to deal with the uncertainty of adultery.”  
 Nicholas Sparks - “I have certain moral parameters that I do not cross in writing I don't write about adultery or kids having premarital sex.”  
 Nan McCarthy - “I have been reading a lot lately about how the Internet is evil I think that's (wrong), ... I think people are going to commit adultery one way or another. Email facilitates that because they don't have to leave the home.”  

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