My Favorite Quotes
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 Shannon Stevens - “She said she was going to go to USA Drug to buy some makeup and hair rinse and then she was going to a meeting.”  
 Vivian Blount - “It's a little bit harder to braid straight hair because it has less texture and there's nothing for it to hold on to.”  
 Kathy Martin - “It sucked our hair straight up. I'm here to tell you, whoever did that movie 'Twister' has got it down.”  
 Cassie Johnson - “I went to Los Angeles for a photo shoot. I went on 'Cold Pizza.' They did my makeup and hair.”  
 Chipper Jones - “Everybody is looking forward to it. I think it will have a playoff-type atmosphere, maybe just a hair more laid back. We want to represent and represent well.”  
 Javier Clemente - “Pulling someone's hair is the same (as spitting). A guy like Deco should have more class.”  
 Julian Peterson - “I asked her if she wanted to go up to Napa, go around in a limo, anything, ... She just wanted to cut my hair. She did the first swipe with the razor, and she just said, 'Yes'”  
 Atharva Veda - “Turn him into a eunuch that wears his hair dressed, and into one that wears a hood Then Indra with a pair of stones shall break his testicles both”  
 Graham Rye - “I think they'll undoubtedly have to dye his hair.”  
 Norm Wigington - “It happened so quickly I can't even express how fast it happened. Had my window been open, I would have burned the hair on my arms.”  
 Reggie Torbor - “He's not going to cut his hair, dye his hair, anything like that.”  
 John Wooden - “His style would not cut it with me. I wanted the socks all pulled up neatly and I didn't permit long hair. He was different. It was a great attraction. He made fancy shots that I wouldn't allow a player to take.”  
 Brett Somers - “God, did that put a white streak in my mother's hair I mean, I ran away from home before it was chic to do such a thing.”  
 Peyton Hyslop - “You could probably hit the Lotto faster than that. That warden He's got to be pulling his hair out.”  
 Angelina Jolie - “I felt beautiful when I was in Cambodia for Tomb Raider. I was sweaty, and my hair was matted and all over the place. And I was happy and hot and accomplishing a lot and running around, and I could feel my heart beating, and I felt beautiful.”  
 Paul Konerko - “If the guy that writes you checks says cut your hair, off to the barber shop you go. That's that.”  
 A.J. Pierzynski - “I didn't quite know he was going to turn into the teen idol he turned into. Back then, he had like a flat top, like he had when he first came over here. I never envisioned him with long hair, but I'm glad he did it because it made him kind of famous.”  
 Aaron Krach - “He's only 23, has a great huge head of hair and he's worried.”  
 Pauline Kael - “Kevin Costner has feathers in his hair and feathers in his head. The Indians should have called him 'Plays with Camera.”  
 Ashlee Simpson - “You are so lucky that your hair is still on your head.”  
 Aaron Krach - “I've seen panic from men. They ask if I have any Rogaine, or can they try a thickening shampoo, and they're talking about taking Propecia a pill that's supposed to help retain hair.”  
 Bill Cosby - “Gray hair is God's graffiti”  
 and City - “I will never be the woman with the perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it.”  
 Proverb - “You cannot prevent the birds of sadness from passing over your head, but you can prevent their making a nest in your hair”  
 Mark Glatt - “That other horse was making his third start around two turns, and my colt was making only his third start of his life and first around two turns. We'll probably lay a hair closer, but I expect a better pace scenario and the extra ground should help. We think we belong in the race. I'm excited about what's going to happen on Saturday.”  

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