My Favorite Quotes
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 Quentin Crisp - “Keeping up with the Joneses was a full-time job with my mother and father. It was not until many years later when I lived alone that I realized how much cheaper it was to drag the Joneses down to my level.”  
 Sylvia Ashton-Warner - “God, the illogic The impossibility of communication in this house. The sheer operation alone of getting something through to somebody.”  
 Ella Wheeler Wilcox - “Laugh, and the world laughs with youWeep, and you weep aloneFor the sad old earth must borrow its mirth,But has trouble enough of its own.”  
 Eden Phillpotts - “Faith is a permanent and vital endowment of the human mind -- a part of reason itself. The insane alone are without it.”  
 Oscar Wilde - “We have been able to have fine poetry in England because the public do not read it, and consequently do not influence it. The public like to insult poets because they are individual, but once they have insulted them, they leave them alone.”  
 Walter Lippmann - “The press is no substitute for institutions. It is like the beam of a searchlight that moves restlessly about, bringing one episode and then another out of darkness into vision. Men cannot do the work of the world by this light alone.”  
 James Baldwin - “Man cannot live by profit alone.”  
 Henry David Thoreau - “A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone.”  
 Kathe Kollwitz - “For the last third of life there remains only work. It alone is always stimulating, rejuvenating, exciting and satisfying.”  
 Calvin Coolidge - “Nothing is the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not . . . Genius will not . . . Education will not . . . Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”  
 M. F. K. Fisher - “Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be indulged in lightly.”  
 Anna Letitia Barbauld - “When one by one our ties are torn,And friend from friend is snatched forlornWhen man is left alone to mourn,Oh then how sweet it is to die”  
 Anna Letitia Barbauld - “We neither laugh alone, nor weep alone, why then should we pray alone”  
 Anne Frank - “I don't believe that the big men, the politicians and the capitalists alone are guilty of the war. Oh, no, the little man is just as keen, otherwise the people of the world would have risen in revolt long ago”  
 Countee Cullen - “We have always resented the natural inclination of most white people to demand spirituals the moment it is known that a Negro is about to sing. So often the request has seemed to savor of the feeling that we could do this and this alone.”  
 John Cheever - “I can't write without a reader. It's precisely like a kiss you can't do it alone.”  
 Pete Rose - “Some players you pat their butts, some players you kick their butts, some players you leave alone.”  
 William Wordsworth - “One great society alone on earth the noble living and the noble dead.”  
 William Wordsworth - “There isOne great society alone on earthThe noble living and the noble dead.”  
 Maya Angelou - “Nobody, but nobody Can make it out here alone.”  
 Alfred Victor Vigny - “Fainthearted animals move about in herds. The lion walks alone in the desert. Let the poet always walk thus.”  
 W. H. Auden - “There is a certain kind of person who is so dominated by the desire to be loved for himself alone that he has constantly to test those around him by tiresome behavior what he says and does must be admired . . .”  
 Thelma Ritter - “If there's anything worse than a woman living alone, it's a woman saying she likes it.”  
 Mary Antin - “A characteristic thing about the aspiring immigrant is the fact that he is not content to progress alone. Solitary success is imperfect success in his eyes. He must take his family with him as he rises.”  
 Emily James Putnam - “The selfishness that a woman has learned to stifle or to dissemble where she alone is concerned, blooms freely and unashamed on behalf of her offspring.”  

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