My Favorite Quotes
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 Henry Wotton - “An Ambassador is an honest man sent to lie abroad for the good of his country.”  
 Henry Wotton - “An ambassador is an honest man sent abroad to lie and intrigue for the benefit of his country.”  
 Lew Wasserman - “We had an interesting thing at that first dinner. It was prior to the availability of several new hotels in Los Angeles, and we were more or less committed to the old Ambassador Hotel that has the famous Coconut Grove.”  
 Neil Sheehan - “We wanted to see this country win the war just as much as those advisors did. We felt we would help to do that by reporting the truth. And so there was the moral outrage over this general and the ambassador in Saigon who kept denying the truth we would see.”  
 John Negroponte - “Right, well I am, I was a career diplomat for 37 years from 1960 until 1997 during the early 1980s from 1981 to 1985 I was the United States Ambassador to Honduras.”  
 Roger Moore - “A lot of my reading over the next few months will be the works of Hans Christian Andersen - I have been appointed an ambassador for the bicentenary celebrations of his birth next year.”  
 Barbara Mikulski - “I would like to be the first ambassador to the United States from the United States.”  
 Janis Karpinski - “Shortly after we arrived in Baghdad, we had another conversation with the ambassador. He said that he wanted us to give him the timeline, because we had 90 days to get these prisons operational and transfer responsibility back to the Iraqis.”  
 Townsend Harris - “When the ambassadors of other foreign countries come to Japan to make treaties, they can be told that such and such a treaty has been made with the ambassador of the United States, and they will rest satisfied with this.”  
 Edward Grey - “I said to the German Ambassador that, as long as there was only a dispute between Austria and Serbia alone, I did not feel entitled to intervene but that, directly it was a matter between Austria and Russia, it became a question of the peace of Europe, which concerned us all.”  
 Felix de Weldon - “I finished my studies in England, I opened my studio in London, and the first one-man exhibit I had on Bond Street, which was opened by the Austrian ambassador.”  
 Pierre Corneille - “He who plays advisor is no longer ambassador.”  
 Lindy Boggs - “It has been a privilege beyond belief for me to have represented the State of Louisiana in Congress and to have been given the blessed assignment of U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See.”  
 Maurice Ashley - “I see myself more as an ambassador of the game. And I hope to bring chess to a higher level in the United States. Making bigger tournaments, more interesting events. Making it a respectable profession for young people to be able to pursue in the future.”  
 Damon Albarn - “I was approached by Oxfam to go to Mali as their ambassador and get involved in their various initiatives out there. But I felt that was missing the point of using me, a musician.”  
 Avi Arad - “I will always want Ian McKellen. There's no way for me to think of not walking into the story through him through something happening now, and then going back there. Ian is an ambassador for this, and he needs to be there.”  
 Arthur Hertzberg - “We are living in an America in which an Orthodox Jew was the ambassador to Cairo and kept a kosher home. America now, on Yom Kippur, semi-shuts down, including government, because so many of the administrative assistants are Jewish.”  
 Boyd Palmer - “Throughout my 40 plus years of knowing and working with Bill that has been his role, be it in business, the community, socially, you name it, it is Bill who brings everyone together. At 80 plus years I still think he's only enhancing his ambassador role.”  
 Boyd Palmer - “If anyone was put on this earth to fulfill the role of ambassador, defined as the 'highest ranking diplomat,' that person would be Bill Strong.”  
 Dalil Boubakeur - “I thank the ambassador for taking this initiative, which was aimed at easing tensions.”  
 Daddy Yankee - “I'm ready to contribute a lot in the genre and, you know, I feel a little responsibility over my shoulders because right now, Daddy Yankee said. I'm the ambassador of my movement. But, being honest with you, I'm ready to represent my people all over the world.”  
 Dino Djalal - “The President will meet the ambassador in the very near future and then he will have to listen to him and then consider the next step.”  
 Gary Wright - “Jeff is a great player and a great ambassador for American International hockey. His play on the ice mirrors his conduct off the ice, and his offensive play and improvement we look forward to seeing this season.”  
 Tasnim Aslam - “What we have been told is that the US ambassador appreciated the policies of the President of Pakistan and there were some attempts to involve him in a discussion on the internal situation in Pakistan, which according to the embassy, he resisted and did not make any comments.”  
 Taro Aso - “I don't know the reason why the Peruvian government has stopped the function of ambassador to Japan, ... I don't think it is related to Fujimori.”  

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