My Favorite Quotes
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 Karl Kraus - “The psychoanalysts pick our dreams as if they were our pockets.”  
 Benjamin Whorf - “My analysis was directed toward purely physical conditions, such as defective wiring, presence of lack of air spaces between metal flues and woodwork, etc., and the results were presented in these terms.”  
 Wilhelm Wundt - “The task of physiological psychology remains the same in the analysis of ideas that it was in the investigation of sensations to act as mediator between the neighbouring sciences of physiology and psychology.”  
 Wilhelm Wundt - “Hence, even in the domain of natural science the aid of the experimental method becomes indispensable whenever the problem set is the analysis of transient and impermanent phenomena, and not merely the observation of persistent and relatively constant objects.”  
 Natalie Wood - “Not even analysis, by itself, can transform you. You must still do the changing yourself.”  
 Curt Weldon - “Two weeks before the attack on the USS Cole and then again two days before the attack, they saw through their analysis that a major event was going to occur in Yemen. They told the Navy not to bring the Cole into Yemen harbor. It went in and was attacked.”  
 Thorstein Veblen - “All business sagacity reduces itself in the last analysis to judicious use of sabotage.”  
 James Tobin - “I studied economics and made it my career for two reasons. The subject was and is intellectually fascinating and challenging, particularly to someone with taste and talent for theoretical reasoning and quantitative analysis.”  
 Fred Thompson - “That is, while we believe that cost-benefit analysis is an important tool to inform agency decision making, the results of the cost-benefit analysis do not trump existing law.”  
 Allan Sloan - “When I started writing a business column 15 years ago, I knew I'd found the perfect job for myself. As a columnist I could pick my own topic, do my own analysis, say what I wanted to say and attribute it to myself. Best of all, I could write in my own voice.”  
 James Sinegal - “In the final analysis, you get what you pay for.”  
 Erwin Schrodinger - “A careful analysis of the process of observation in atomic physics has shown that the subatomic particles have no meaning as isolated entities, but can only be understood as interconnections between the preparation of an experiment and the subsequent measurement.”  
 Tabitha Soren - “Online, you have things like Slate Magazine, which has a lot of commentary and analysis of stories, so it gives you a fuller picture. I would compare that to a news magazine or the New Republic.”  
 Kate Smith - “Intelligent analysis of the composer's intention and strict adherence to it automatically ensures sincerity.”  
 Michael Shermer - “We should be exploring consciousness at the neural level and higher, where the arrow of causal analysis points up toward such principles as emergence and self-organization.”  
 Edward Sapir - “The spirit of logical analysis should in practice blend with the practical pressure for the adoption of some form of international language, but it should not allow itself to be stampeded by it.”  
 Edward Sapir - “A logical analysis of reflexive usages in French shows, however, that this simplicity is an illusion and that, so far from helping the foreigner, it is more calculated to bother him.”  
 Jeremy Rifkin - “Europe will not accept genetically modified foods. It doesn't make any difference in the final analysis what Brussels does, what Washington does, or what the World Trade Organization does.”  
 Elliot Richardson - “At stake, in the final analysis, is the very integrity of the governmental processes I came to the Department of Justice to help restore.”  
 Ted Rall - “Silk Road to Ruin has all the analysis and it's structured very well. I rely on my notes more and I use direct quotes. But there's nothing like writing about it right away.”  
 Manuel Puig - “I believe realism is nothing but an analysis of reality. Film scripts have a synthetical constitution.”  
 Dennis Potter - “There's no end to the inventiveness of critics, I tell you. Because they can't write fiction, they put their impulse into their analysis of work.”  
 Dennis Potter - “Therapy, as opposed to analysis, is a whole construct of myth, beautiful and creative.”  
 Wilfred Owen - “I find purer philosophy in a Poem than in a Conclusion of Geometry, a chemical analysis, or a physical law.”  
 Chen Ning Yang - “In the final analysis, the incident is seen as originating from an emotional expression of the frustration and anger of the proud people of China who had been subject to ever increasing oppression from without and decadent corruption from within.”  

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