My Favorite Quotes
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 William Wiley - “As a kid, I spent a lot of time in the country, with animals. Had a horse, I guess about three different horses. Dogs. I spent a lot of time outside.”  
 Marie Windsor - “The way animals were and are abused appalls me to this very day.”  
 Mary Wesley - “I remember the evacuee children from towns and cities throwing stones at the farm animals. When we explained that if you did that you wouldn't have any milk, meat or eggs, they soon learned to respect the animals.”  
 Lalla Ward - “I draw animals, so I'm useful to my biologist husband because I can chuck out a few illustrations for slides for lectures, and things like that.”  
 Julie Walters - “I couldn't watch Tom and Jerry. The cruelty was too much. I had all these strange images, of tiny animals, all mixed up.”  
 Giorgio Vasari - “Art owes its origin to Nature herself... this beautiful creation, the world, supplied the first model, while the original teacher was that divine intelligence which has not only made us superior to the other animals, but like God Himself, if I may venture to say it.”  
 Don Van Vliet - “Man has done a lot to make himself dangerous and animals get the worst of all of it. But then, man too is an animal.”  
 Don Van Vliet - “I have no neighbours other than animals and Joshua Trees.”  
 Ann Veneman - “Great Britain had a much different situation than we do and did here in the United States, in that they had literally thousands of infected animals with human health risks. Their infectivity in this disease happened before very much was known about it.”  
 Tina Turner - “In Tennessee where I grew up, there were animals, farms, wagons, mules.”  
 Clyde Tombaugh - “I think there's a supreme power behind the whole thing, an intelligence. Look at all of the instincts of nature, both animals and plants, the very ingenious ways they survive. If you cut yourself, you don't have to think about it.”  
 Leo Tolstoy - “A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite.”  
 Edward Thorndike - “Psychology is the science of the intellects, characters and behavior of animals including man.”  
 Edward Thorndike - “Human folk are as a matter of fact eager to find intelligence in animals.”  
 Edward Thorndike - “From the lowest animals of which we can affirm intelligence up to man this type of intellect is found.”  
 Edward Thorndike - “For origin and development of human faculty we must look to these processes of association in lower animals.”  
 Edward Thorndike - “Amongst the minds of animals that of man leads, not as a demigod from another planet, but as a king from the same race.”  
 Loretta Swit - “I don't eat or wear animals, but I never tell people not to - that's just my view.”  
 Loretta Swit - “Animals are thinking, feeling creatures. They're sensitive.”  
 Rex Stout - “All men are reasoning animals more than any other animal. They have a bigger brain and better brain. And we reason with our brain.”  
 Julius Steicher - “It is written in the Jewish law book, the Talmud, that only the Jew is human, that Gentiles are only animals.”  
 Frank Stallone - “Recording an album and doing it live are like two different animals. There are some people that are great singers live, horrible in the studio.”  
 Jim Samuels - “You're a good example of why some animals eat their young.”  
 Jock Sturges - “There's no particular evidence that any of the lower mammals or any of the other animals have any interest in aesthetics at all. But Homo sapiens does, always has and always will.”  
 Gertrude Stein - “The thing that differentiates man from animals is money.”  

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