My Favorite Quotes
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 Jules Henry - “I was less successful in my attempts to effect preventive vaccination against typhus by using the virus and in trying to produce large quantities of serum using large animals.”  
 Jules Henry - “Even if it had not been possible to reproduce the disease in animals and consequently to verify the hypothesis, this simple observation would have been sufficient to demonstrate the way in which the disease was propagated.”  
 Edith Head - “I have yet to see one completely unspoiled star, except for the animals - like Lassie.”  
 Marvin Harris - “Pigs prefer to wallow in clean mud, but if nothing else is available, they will frequently wallow in their own urine, giving rise to the notion that they are dirty animals.”  
 Jack Hannah - “Wild animals are just as confused as people are now. You've got toxins in the water, oil, sewage, all sorts of things.”  
 Stanislav Grof - “Traditional academic science describes human beings as highly developed animals and biological thinking machines. We appear to be Newtonian objects made of atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, and organs.”  
 George Grey - “Part of my plan was not only to introduce all useful animals that I possibly could into this part of Australia, but also the most valuable plants of every description.”  
 William Greider - “The ways in which people treat animals will be reflected in how people relate to one another.”  
 Bruce Greenwood - “Animals... don't have a sense of time. You just have to do things over and over with animals until they happen to do it right because they don't really know what you want.”  
 Asa Gray - “The best opinion now is, that there are multitudinous forms which are not sufficiently differentiated to be distinctively either plant or animal, while, as respects ordinary plants and animals, the difficulty of laying down a definition has become far greater than ever before.”  
 Asa Gray - “Many years ago it was taught that plants and animals were composed of different materials plants, of a chemical substance of three elements,- carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen animals of one of four elements, nitrogen being added to the other three.”  
 Asa Gray - “It was always understood that plants and animals, though completely contrasted in their higher representatives, approached each other very closely in their lower and simpler forms. But they were believed not to blend.”  
 Temple Grandin - “Research has shown that a barren environment is much more damaging to baby animals than it is to adult animals. It does not hurt the adult animals the same way it damages babies.”  
 Temple Grandin - “As you may know, some of the stereotyped behaviors exhibited by autistic children are also found in zoo animals who are raised in a barren environment.”  
 Kenneth Grahame - “Slowly, but with no doubt or hesitation whatever, and in something of a solemn expectancy, the two animals passed through the broken tumultuous water and moored their boat at the flowery margin of the island.”  
 Kenneth Grahame - “Independence is all very well, but we animals never allow our friends to make fools of themselves beyond a certain limit and that limit you've reached.”  
 Kenneth Grahame - “Animals when in company walk in a proper and sensible manner, in single file, instead of sprawling all across the road and being of no use or support to each other in case of sudden trouble or danger.”  
 Kenneth Grahame - “Animals arrived, liked the look of the place, took up their quarters, settled down, spread, and flourished. They didn't bother themselves about the past - they never do they're too busy.”  
 Elton Gallegly - “It's been argued that of all the animals humans have domesticated, the horse is the most important to our history. For thousands of years, horses were our most reliable mode of transportation.”  
 Jim Fowler - “Most of what you see now emphasizes animals being dangerous to humans.”  
 Jim Fowler - “I don't think we're going to save anything if we go around talking about saving plants and animals only we've got to translate that into what's in it for us.”  
 Dian Fossey - “The man who kills the animals today is the man who kills the people who get in his way tomorrow.”  
 Faith Ford - “One thing I think kids need to do is more chores, and take care of their own rooms. Responsibilities are really important to start them with. If they have animals, they have to feed them and care for them. That's the only way I think I could do it.”  
 David F. Houston - “In the southern half of the country perhaps no crop has larger possibilities for quick increase of production of food for both men and animals than the sweet potato.”  
 Will Estes - “The reason that they put animals down is that they don't have any room in the shelters when new ones come in and ones got to go out so they have room.”  

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