My Favorite Quotes
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 Andre Weil - “Intuition makes much of it I mean by this the faculty of seeing a connection between things that in appearance are completely different it does not fail to lead us astray quite often.”  
 Randy West - “'What's My Line' 1971 was a magical experience as I was still in my teens, and it was my first appearance. You know how they say you never forget 'your first'”  
 Mike Weir - “I have a lot of offers to play for appearance fees. It's nice gravy, but it's not a big motivating factor for me, to go here and there just for money.”  
 Vera Wang - “To me, eyewear goes way beyond being a prescription. It's like makeup. It's the most incredible accessory. The shape of a frame or the color of lenses can change your whole appearance.”  
 Tom Verlaine - “I don't see us as a big media gimmick band. We don't have a cultivated appearance or anything like Kiss.”  
 Andrew Vachss - “Building a mechanical device for its appearance is like putting lace on a bowling ball.”  
 Friedrich von Schlegel - “Wit is the appearance, the external flash of imagination. Thus its divinity, and the witty character of mysticism.”  
 Marilyn vos Savant - “Know the function of a fuse box and the appearance of a tripped circuit breaker.”  
 Marcus V. Pollio - “Beauty is produced by the pleasing appearance and good taste of the whole, and by the dimensions of all the parts being duly proportioned to each other.”  
 Fritz Todt - “The external appearance of any construction projects that are created during the time of the National Socialist Reich must take on the sensibility of our time.”  
 Hunter Tylo - “One girl was helped from my appearance on the show, and I swore I would not keep quiet again. When you talk about things that are embarrassing or devastating, obviously you can help people when you do.”  
 Anne Tyler - “I do write long, long character notes - family background, history, details of appearance - much more than will ever appear in the novel. I think this is what lifts a book from that early calculated, artificial stage.”  
 Emma Thompson - “My appearance has changed a lot over the years, but it has far more to do with how I feel about being a woman.”  
 Kevin Thomas - “As a leader, you're supposed to be above reproach, and what that means is you can't even give the appearance that you're going to do something wrong.”  
 Sharon Stone - “I did a guest appearance on The Practice and loved it.”  
 Leland Stanford - “The seeming antagonism between capital and labor is the result of deceptive appearance.”  
 Hjalmar Schacht - “After the many rumours that we had heard about Hitler and the published criticisms we had read about him, we were pleasantly impressed. His appearance was neither pretentious nor affected.”  
 Edward Sapir - “Comparison of statements made at different periods frequently enable us to give maximal and minimal dates to the appearance of a cultural element or to assign the time limits to a movement of population.”  
 Elisabeth Rohm - “I don't think people were betting on me, but they were giving me a chance. I think I rode a wave there, by being different in appearance than the girls who preceded me.”  
 Lynn Redgrave - “As an actor, particularly because I'm - I would call myself a character actor. I change my look, my physical appearance and my body, my hair color, my whatever all the time for a role.”  
 Helen Reddy - “A lot of women are turned off by the physical appearance of some of the first feminists.”  
 Zebulon Pike - “There had so lately been a large force of Spanish cavalry at the village, which had made a great impression on the minds of the young men, as to their power, consequence, which my appearance with 20 infantry was by no means calculated to remove.”  
 Phaedrus - “Things are not always what they seem the first appearance deceives many the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden.”  
 Minnie Pearl - “They were taking pictures and everything. When we got down off the plane, the minute Elvis made his appearance at the door of the plane, the screaming got even worse.”  
 Francis Parkman - “Four men are missing R., Sorel and two emigrants. They set out this morning after buffalo, and have not yet made their appearance whether killed or lost, we cannot tell.”  

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