My Favorite Quotes
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 Donnie Wahlberg - “What's important is self-appreciation.”  
 Hunter Tylo - “There is really a whole new appreciation when you leave and then come back.”  
 Peter Straub - “I had a connoisseur's... appreciation of fear.”  
 Penelope Spheeris - “The first Decline I did was out of sheer love and appreciation for the music. In 1977, it was more about bands, because punk was a new form of music. It was groundbreaking and political.”  
 Sonny Rollins - “So the people over there have a very advanced appreciation of music and they recognize the power and the beauty and the wonderfulness of jazz.”  
 Sonny Rollins - “I think the problem starts with the general appreciation of the music in the larger society.”  
 David Rockefeller - “I learned more from my mother than from all the art historians and curators who have informed me about technical aspects of art history and art appreciation over the years.”  
 Maxfield Parrish - “I don't know what people find or like in me, I'm hopelessly commonplace Current appreciation of my work is a bit highbrow, I've always considered myself a popular artist.”  
 George Pataki - “After the tragedy, New Yorkers are more united than ever in their vision, as well as in appreciation what living in freedom means - and that if we stand together, we can accomplish anything.”  
 Henry Ossawa Tanner - “Many of the artists who have represented Negro life have seen only the comic, ludicrous side of it, and have lacked sympathy with and appreciation for the warm big heart that dwells within such a rough exterior.”  
 Richard Owen - “Manifold subsequent experience has led to a truer appreciation and a more moderate estimate of the importance of the dependence of one living being upon another.”  
 Solomon Ortiz - “I have fought to protect those benefits that ensure better salaries for teachers across the Nation such as grants to pay off student loans and funding for Teach for America. Still, we must all do more to show our continued appreciation for our Nation's leading role models.”  
 Alfred North Whitehead - “The task of a university is the creation of the future, so far as rational thought and civilized modes of appreciation can affect the issue.”  
 Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche - “There are slavish souls who carry their appreciation for favors done them so far that they strangle themselves with the rope of gratitude.”  
 Jennifer Lopez - “J. Lo is also an homage to my fans. That's what fans call me on the streets, and I like it. So giving the album this title is my way of telling them that this is for them, in appreciation of their support.”  
 Matthew Lesko - “Government workers often get a bad rap, but it's rare for them to receive much appreciation when government works.”  
 William L. M. King - “Nor do we begin to have a clear appreciation of what the increase in consumption of alcoholic beverages in wartime means in increased risk, and in loss of efficiency to the fighting and working forces of the country.”  
 William L. Jenkins - “President Reagan always gave the credit to the American people and American ideals. He treated his job as a valuable temporary loan from the American people, a loan that should be respected and returned with dutiful appreciation.”  
 Chiaki Kuriyama - “Up until doing this movie, I hadn't really paid a huge amount of attention to those genres, but after finishing this movie, it really gave me a different sense of appreciation of the way the movies play out.”  
 Jesse J. Garrett - “Also, if nothing else, writing this book has really changed the way I experience bookstores. I have a whole different appreciation for the amount of work packed into even the slimmest volume on the shelves.”  
 Sanford I. Weill - “We also want to encourage people to do things in their community, therefore we can use some of that appreciation to make charitable contributions.”  
 Terrence Howard - “So I show appreciation for the little gifts that have been handed to me.”  
 Laurence Housman - “But it has also enabled me to find my feet as a lecturer and a reader of my own plays to audiences who like to hear them and that experience of immediate appreciation gives greater pleasure and more stimulus towards further activity than even the most laudatory of reviews.”  
 Catherine Helen Spence - “Although my mother had the greatest love for Sir Walter Scott, and the highest appreciation of his poems and novels, she never liked Melrose.”  
 George H. Mead - “To so enter into it in nature and art that the enjoyed meanings of life may become a part of living is the attitude of aesthetic appreciation.”  

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