My Favorite Quotes
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 Ian Rush - “And the things that we fear are a weapon to be held against us.”  
 Bill Shankly - “I'm a people's man - only the people matter.”  
 Laura I. Wilder - “They drove a long way through the snowy woods, till they came to the town of Pepin. Mary and Laura had seen it once before, but it looked different now.”  
 Laura I. Wilder - “The enormous lake stretched flat and smooth and white all the way to the edge of the gray sky. Wagon tracks went away across it, so far that you could not see where they went they ended in nothing at all.”  
 Laura I. Wilder - “So they all went away from the little log house. The shutters were over the windows, so the little house could not see them go. It stayed there inside the log fence, behind the two big oak trees that in the summertime had made green roofs for Mary and Laura to play under.”  
 Laura I. Wilder - “So Pa sold the little house. He sold the cow and calf. He made hickory bows and fastened them upright to the wagon box. Ma helped him stretch white canvas over them.”  
 Laura I. Wilder - “Remember me with smiles and laughter, for that is how I will remember you all. If you can only remember me with tears, then don't remember me at all.”  
 Laura I. Wilder - “Everything from the little house was in the wagon, except the beds and tables and chairs. They did not need to take these, because Pa could always make new ones.”  
 Laura I. Wilder - “Every job is good if you do your best and work hard. A man who works hard stinks only to the ones that have nothing to do but smell.”  
 Laura I. Wilder - “But in the east the sky was pale and through the gray woods came lanterns with wagons and horses, bringing Grandpa and Grandma and aunts and uncles and cousins.”  
 Alan Hansen - “When George Graham was there they complained, harking back to better days, but I think that's a fantasy.”  
 Alan Hansen - “What I always do is just look at the players, look at the best 11 they can put on the pitch.”  
 Alan Hansen - “We got stuffed 4-1, but it was just great to play against, it was like an education. You think you are half good and then you go and play against a side like that”  
 Alan Hansen - “The World Cup needs a brilliant Brazilian team.”  
 Alan Hansen - “The problem England have got is that if they don't win the group they will play the French and if they play them, they will be beaten.”  
 Alan Hansen - “The pressures are intense, because the rewards for success and the penalty for failure are more and more.”  
 Alan Hansen - “The Italians are very strong defensively. They showed in Euro 2000 how good defensively they are.”  
 Alan Hansen - “The boy can do anything, but to be the star of the World Cup you have got to get to the final and win it”  
 Alan Hansen - “Manchester City have been in the doldrums for a while, they came up and went straight back down again.”  
 Alan Hansen - “In '82 Brazil showed that you can't win the World Cup without a solid defense.”  
 Alan Hansen - “If you come up and are struggling after three months you need the money to be able to buy somebody who can give you a bit of impetus.”  
 Alan Hansen - “I think the reality is that, that money was probably badly spent.”  
 Alan Hansen - “I played against the Brazilians in '82, who were definitely the best team never to have won the World Cup.”  
 Alan Hansen - “Everybody likes Brazil and we want the Brazilians to come out.”  
 Alan Hansen - “Even though they won't finish in the top four this season, they will still be of the contenders next season.”  

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