My Favorite Quotes
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 Albert Einstein - “There is not the slightest indication that energy will ever be obtainable from the atom.”  
 Lanford Wilson - “I am not sure why, but I have been obsessed by the Atom Bomb ever since it first happened.”  
 Adlai Stevenson - “There is no evil in the atom only in men's souls.”  
 Johannes Stark - “We have learnt through experience that when an electrical ray strikes the surface of an atom, an electron, and in some circumstances a second and even a third electron, can be detached.”  
 Johannes Stark - “The removal of an electron from the surface of an atom - that is, the ionization of the atom - means a fundamental structural change in its surface layer.”  
 Johannes Stark - “The discovery of various phenomena has led to a recognition of the fact that the chemical atom is an individual which again is itself made up of several units into a selfcontained whole.”  
 Johannes Stark - “In my view the structure of the whole atom was that of an individual, with all its parts interconnected, and the emission of a spectral line appeared to me to be the result of the coherence and co-operation of several electric quanta.”  
 Johannes Stark - “If the experimental physicist has already done a great deal of work in this field, nevertheless the theoretical physicist has still hardly begun to evaluate the experimental material which may lead him to conclusions about the structure of the atom.”  
 Johannes Stark - “By recognizing that the chemical atom is composed of single separable electric quanta, humanity has taken a great step forward in the investigation of the natural world.”  
 Johannes Stark - “An external electric field, meeting it and passing through it, affects the negative as much as the positive quanta of the atom, and pushes the former to one side, and the latter in the other direction.”  
 Dwight Schultz - “The atom was unleashed in 1946, right when all this stuff was occurring. And the bomb's incredible release of energy and light may have signalled somebody in a dimension which is sharing space with us very closely.”  
 Joseph Rotblat - “The decision to use the atom bomb on Japanese cities, and the consequent buildup of enormous nuclear arsenals, was made by governments, on the basis of political and military perceptions.”  
 Paul Robeson - “At one point American peace sentiment helped to stop Truman from pursuing use of the atom bomb in Korea and helped force the recall of MacArthur.”  
 Orson Pratt - “Each atom of the Holy Spirit is intelligent, and like all other matter has solidity, form, and size, and occupies space.”  
 Jackson Pollock - “New needs need new techniques. And the modern artists have found new ways and new means of making their statements... the modern painter cannot express this age, the airplane, the atom bomb, the radio, in the old forms of the Renaissance or of any other past culture.”  
 Graham Nelson - “Then in my early teens, when the home computer bubble was blowing, I had one of the first, an Acorn Atom, and used to write primitive adventures on that.”  
 Gilbert Newton Lewis - “We may say that a basic substance is one which has a lone pair of electrons which may be used to complete the stable group of another atom, and that an acid is one which can employ a lone pair from another molecule in completing the stable group of one of its own atoms.”  
 Willard Libby - “We hope that this honor you have done us will bring the time of further realization of these benefits closer and will help all mankind to live better and be happier through the atom and isotopes.”  
 Willard Libby - “The future of the world, dependent as it is upon atomic energy, requires more understanding and knowledge about the atom.”  
 Ernest Lawrence - “It is a source of gratification to us all that we have been able to contribute a little to an understanding of the nucleus of the atom.”  
 Jack London - “I would rather be ashes than dust I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet.”  
 Muhammad Iqbal - “It is the nature of the self to manifest itself, In every atom slumbers the might of the self.”  
 Atom Egoyan - “You have to be able to deploy the themes that you want to address with a minimum of means, otherwise you aren't going to be able to get it made.”  
 Atom Egoyan - “You can talk about Holocaust denial, but it's really marginal for the most part. What is compelling about the Armenian genocide, is how it has been forgotten.”  
 Atom Egoyan - “You are traveling and see these people shooting the entire experience of going through a city, and maybe in the back of their minds they sustain the illusion that they will edit it all, but I don't think that's it.”  

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