My Favorite Quotes
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 Thom Yorke - “I think no artist can claim to have any access to the truth, or an authentic version of an event. But obviously they have slightly better means at their disposal because they have their art to energize whatever it is they're trying to write about. They have music.”  
 Peter Wright - “I have to experiment with methods and I'm trying to find an authentic way of making an equivalent of the living, breathing person within the limits of a single picture.”  
 Jeanette Winterson - “To create a past that seemed authentic but would be a fiction, you need an invented language.”  
 Armstrong Williams - “In short, we cannot grow, we cannot achieve authentic discovery, and our eyes cannot be cleansed to the truly beautiful possibilities of life, if we simply live a neutral existence.”  
 George Wald - “In fact, death seems to have been a rather late invention in evolution. One can go a long way in evolution before encountering an authentic corpse.”  
 Anne Rice - “You reach deep down and bring up what feels absolutely authentic to you as you move along with the book, but you don't know everything about it. You can't.”  
 Margaret O'Brien - “I was always fascinated, even as a child, by antiques and ancient times. I always felt I should have been born in the 17th or 18th century. They really had a big stone castle with authentic furniture.”  
 Gabriel Marcel - “The striking thing about the Precious Blood is the bond it establishes between love and suffering in our experience, a bond that has become so close that we have come to think of suffering accepted with joy as the most authentic sign of love with any depth at all.”  
 Richard Morris - “Ironically, we live in times that are awash in authentic sacred music.”  
 Hans Kung - “Second, we also got a more authentic liturgy of the people of God, in the vernacular language.”  
 Jeremy Jackson - “But since you're asking me, I'll tell you my opinion all cornbread is authentic, as long as it's good, hot, and made with love and fresh ingredients.”  
 Laura Innes - “The story line was done in a way that's organic and was doled out very slowly in little bites. We think that's authentic for this character, that her feelings are very deeply buried or she never felt them.”  
 Paul Guilfoyle - “The real rub is finding that authentic self and it's not something that's going to come to you overnight.”  
 Paul Guilfoyle - “Strive to be authentic all the time. That's sort of my philosophy on life, which applies to acting.”  
 Stanislav Grof - “Individuals approaching death often experience encounters with their dead relatives, who seem to welcome them to the next world. These deathbed visions are authentic and convincing they are often followed by a state of euphoria and seem to ease the transition.”  
 Jerry Garcia - “I mean, whatever kills you kills you, and your death is authentic no matter how you die.”  
 Carlisle Floyd - “We know the Civil War better than the Reconstruction. But I didn't want it to be a history lesson. I wanted it to be colorful and authentic.”  
 Katie Couric - “I've always tried to stay true to my authentic self.”  
 Mason Cooley - “Malice is always authentic and sincere.”  
 Angela Carter - “In a secular age, an authentic miracle must purport to be a hoax, in order to gain credit in the world.”  
 Taylor Caldwell - “No woman has ever been an authentic genius of the stature of men, but that does not enrage me.”  
 Mary C. Carpenter - “I've never... when I was having songs on the airwaves, and that sort of thing, I never felt a sense of pressure anywhere except from myself, to do things the way I wanted to do them to feel authentic to feel like I was presenting my true self to the world.”  
 Ken Burns - “I record all of my music with authentic instruments in a studio before we start editing, doing many, many versions. The music shapes the film as we edit so it has an organic relationship to the content.”  
 Brian Boitano - “It's an honor to be chosen to represent the best hockey game in the world. Hockey fans are looking for the most authentic experience and NHL 2K6 delivers it.”  
 Rutherford B. Hayes - “Conscience is the authentic voice of God to you.”  

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