My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve Fossett - “This is a Solo Flight, but I want aviation enthusiasts and adventurers everywhere to join me in the endeavour.”  
 Amelia Earhart - “Never do things others can do and will do if there are things others cannot do or will not do.”  
 Amelia Earhart - “In soloing - as in other activities - it is far easier to start something than it is to finish it.”  
 Eamon - “Me and Britney aren't really the same type of artist, but I'm a fan of hers. I think she's cool and really talented. But she does her thing and I do mine, and I'm excited to do it for people, and I hope they like it.”  
 Eamon - “Fundamentally, the purpose of the patent is to give you some sort of competitive advantage. If the patent gives you exclusivity over a wide swath of technology, it's critical.”  
 Jimmy Doolittle - “If we should have to fight, we should be prepared to so so from the neck up instead of from the neck down.”  
 Steve Fossett - “The good thing about flying solo is it's never boring.”  
 Charles Lindbergh - “It is the greatest shot of adrenaline to be doing what you have wanted to do so badly. You almost feel like you could fly without the plane.”  
 Charles Lindbergh - “Isn't it strange that we talk least about the things we think about most”  
 Amelia Earhart - “Never interrupt someone doing what you said couldn't be done.”  
 Chuck Yeager - “If you want to grow old as a pilot, you've got to know when to push it, and when to back off.”  
 Chuck Yeager - “Most pilots learn, when they pin on their wings and go out and get in a fighter, especially, that one thing you don't do, you don't believe anything anybody tells you about an airplane.”