My Favorite Quotes
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 Tiger Woods - “My dad has always taught me these words care and share. That's why we put on clinics. The only thing I can do is try to give back. If it works, it works.”  
 Hortense Calisher - “First publication is a pure, carnal leap into that dark which one dreams is life.”  
 Thomas Carlyle - “Violence does even justice unjustly.”  
 Thomas Carlyle - “Vain hope to make people happy by politics”  
 Thomas Carlyle - “The Public is an old woman. Let her maunder and mumble.”  
 Thomas Carlyle - “Popular opinion is the greatest lie in the world.”  
 Thomas Carlyle - “Perseverance is patience concentrated.”  
 Thomas Carlyle - “If Jesus Christ were to come to-day, people wouldn't even crucify him. They would ask him to dinner, and hear what he had to say, and make fun of it.”  
 Thomas Carlyle - “A healthy hatred of scoundrels.”  
 Thomas Carlyle - “A crowd has the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.”  
 Mark Twain - “The human race is a race of cowards and I'm not only marching in that procession but carrying the banner.”  
 Rita Mae Brown - “You sell a screenplay like you sell a car. If someone drives it off a cliff, that's it.”  
 Dale Carnegie - “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain - and most do.”  
 Mary Astell - “There is not anything so excellent, but some will carp at it. . .”  
 Joni Mitchell - “And the seasons, they go round and round,And the painted ponies go up and down.We're captive on the carousel of time.”  
 Georges Jacques Danton - “Thou wilt show my head to the people it is worth showing.”  
 Oscar Wilde - “One can survive anything these days, except death, and live down anything except a good reputation.”  
 Oscar Wilde - “I was saying, continued the Rocket, I was saying - What was I saying You were talking about yourself, replied the Roman Candle.Of course I knew I was discussing some interesting subject when I was so rudely interrupted.”  
 Oscar Wilde - “The world has grown suspicious of anything that looks like a happy married life.”  
 Oscar Wilde - “The man who can dominate a London dinner-table can dominate the world.”  
 Oscar Wilde - “The public have an insatiable curiosity to know everything. Except what is worth knowing. Journalism, conscious of this, and having tradesman-like habits, supplies their demands.”  
 Oscar Wilde - “What is said of a man is nothing. The point is, who says it.”  
 Oscar Wilde - “The worst form of tyranny the world has ever known the tyranny of the weak over the strong. It is the only tyranny that lasts.”  
 Oscar Wilde - “If this is the way Queen Victoria treats her prisoners, she doesn't deserve to have any.”  
 Oscar Wilde - “Vulgarity is the conduct of other people, just as falsehoods are the truths of other people.”  

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