My Favorite Quotes
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 Chuck Zito - “When we have a run, it's for families it's for Hells Angels to get together, people who are new in the club, people who are old.”  
 Chuck Zito - “Through word of mouth a lot of people know who I am. Some people see me on the screen and read about me in books and magazines and know me from there.”  
 Chuck Zito - “There's probably about 150 charters in the world. We're the biggest international club there is.”  
 Chuck Zito - “There was no club but the Hells Angels as far as I was concerned.”  
 Chuck Zito - “Then we have a World Run, where representatives from all the charters meet.”  
 Chuck Zito - “So it just goes to show you that it was always the Hells Angels first. They were the originals and all other clubs try and imitate what the Hells Angels have already done.”  
 Chuck Zito - “So if one, or two, or a handful of guys sells drugs for their own personal gain and profit who just so happens to be a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, we want that same consideration.”  
 Chuck Zito - “Now as far as the organization selling drugs, no. Individuals selling drugs is something else.”  
 Chuck Zito - “Not exactly hit them, but I've restrained a few people.”  
 Chuck Zito - “Like I said, when I was a kid, they inspired me.”  
 Chuck Zito - “If the challenge to fight was there, I always took it.”  
 Chuck Zito - “I've been fighting my whole life.”  
 Chuck Zito - “I was a stuntman for over fifteen years.”  
 Chuck Zito - “I belonged to another club, and liked the camaraderie.”  
 Cale Yarborough - “If he'd just crowded me down to the side of the asphalt, I'd have been OK. But when he ran me completely off the racetrack, I lost it.”  
 Louise Woodward - “The support in Britain made a big difference.”  
 Louise Woodward - “In time the truth will come out, I will be cleared.”  
 Louise Woodward - “I would like to go to University and be like a normal 20 year old.”  
 Louise Woodward - “I said all along I would not sell my story. I don't think it would be right.”  
 Louise Woodward - “I knew I was coming home, I thought they would consider acquittal, I was disappointed that they didn't.”  
 Louise Woodward - “Contrary to any rumours I have not sold my story. I am going to do an interview with the BBC for which I will receive no payment.”  
 Leonard Woodcock - “Wholesale prices, on the other hand, began a slow rise in the early months of 1965, which were sharply accelerated in the summer and fall of 1965.”  
 Leonard Woodcock - “When we came then to the 1967 negotiations we had the problem of one market between two countries fully under the control of the American companies that owned the facilities on both sides of the border.”  
 Leonard Woodcock - “When the settlement was made to pay the same wage rates in 1967, it provided for base rate parity, but not cost of living parity.”  
 Leonard Woodcock - “We made a demand for the the same wage rates to be paid in the Canadian plants as in the U.S. plants.”  

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