What is holy for us, humans, nowWhat can we love the most in this first century of the third millennium, in these first years of this millennium than images of the crucifixion of a Man, of the Son of a Man Why do we love so much this image with such a cruel destiny and not other images It is because if the fact that we identify to that cruel Destiny, we become complementary to it and thus that destiny is a part of our life and our existence as unitary whole with ourselves, who we are sacrificed with the same aggressiveness on the altar of the love of this world, which is itself Love This is why we people believe in the church of that image with a Cruel Destiny, we bow before it and we pray because the image is sacred to our souls because they too feel sacrificed on a huge cross of destiny of each one of us. What must we do Must we change the crucified image of the Christ or change ourselves in order to change the crucified image We all want not to have anymore this cruel destiny of our existence, where the world of love is a world of crimes, villainesses and thefts of all kinds.How can we chase these miseries away of our world without chasing ourselves out of it Such a sad world in which, I say it with sorrow, the ultimate form of love, which is Holiness represents a Christ crucified on the wood of a cross, thirsty and mocked which receives vinegar to quench his thirst. This Christ is us now, this Christ is the man nowadays and the man of the past centuries that lost his Sacred Self in the mists of his own history. This Christ will have to be replaced in us by each one of us, but not by force and not to put something else instead. No In the place of this Christ, there will always have to be an empty place, to remind us eternally from where we left, to know where the loss of the Sacred Self can lead to.