My Favorite Quotes
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 Craig Washington - “I prefer a man who will burn the flag and then wrap himself in the Constitution to a man who will burn the Constitution and then wrap himself in the flag.”  
 David Wilkerson - “Our nation is being led astray by ungodly judges, mayors and governors, who are given to change, defying the Constitution and substituting their own wicked agendas.”  
 Robert Welch - “In the Constitution of the American Republic there was a deliberate and very extensive and emphatic division of governmental power for the very purpose of preventing unbridled majority rule.”  
 Robert Welch - “In our Constitution governmental power is divided among three separate branches of the national government, three separate branches of State governments, and the peoples of the several States.”  
 George Washington - “The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon.”  
 Robert Walpole - “And therefore, for the sake of my mater, without any regard for my own, I hope all those that have a due regard for our constitution and for the rights and prerogatives of the crown, without which our constitution can not be preserved, will be against this motion.”  
 Jesse Ventura - “When the Constitution gave us the right to bear arms, it also made us responsible for using them properly. It's not fair of us as citizens to lean more heavily on one side of that equation than on the other.”  
 Jesse Ventura - “The Constitution guarantees us our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That's all. It doesn't guarantee our rights to charity.”  
 Charles Tupper - “A privilege may not be a right, but, under the constitution of the country, I do not gather that any broad distinction is drawn between the rights and the privileges that were enjoyed and that were taken away.”  
 Laurence Tribe - “I do not have, nor do I believe I have seen, a vision capacious and convincing enough to propound as an organizing principle for the next phase in the law of our Constitution.”  
 Todd Tiahrt - “Well, today, we are in the struggle brought on to us by the terrorists of Islam. It is a war that we did not choose. It was a war that was declared against us as Americans, against our people, against our Constitution.”  
 Dick Thornburgh - “The capacity of the commonwealth government created under the local constitution to exercise governmental powers in local affairs is like that of local government in the states of the union in regard to non-federal affairs at the local level.”  
 Loretta Swit - “The pursuit of happiness is in our Constitution. We're all entitled to have the best we can.”  
 Eliot Spitzer - “I believe in an evolving Constitution. A flexible Constitution leaves room for us to consider not merely how the world once was, but how it ought to be.”  
 Lorenzo Snow - “They will sustain the constitution and laws and institutions of the United States, and be the champions of liberty and of that constitution when its integrity shall be threatened.”  
 Lamar S. Smith - “The Constitution provides for freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.”  
 Eisaku Sato - “The new Constitution is founded on the principles of the protection of human rights on the one hand, and the renunciation of war on the other.”  
 Gustave Stresemann - “As a result of the World War, this old Germany collapsed. It collapsed in its constitution, in its social order, in its economic structure. Its thinking and feeling changed.”  
 Al Sharpton - “We need an amendment that gives us the right to vote protected by the federal government and the Constitution.”  
 Julius Rosenberg - “I am in favor, heartily in favor, of our Constitution and Bill of Rights and I owe my allegiance to my country at all times.”  
 Jim Ryun - “Today, we stand as a united country and are much closer to the ideals set forth in our Constitution that all men are created equal that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  
 Hilary Rosen - “The Constitution wanted artists to have control over their works because they knew it would create incentive to create more works. That is clearly still the goal.”  
 Dana Rohrabacher - “I rise in support of the separation of powers as established by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution. The Constitution clearly delegates the power to deal with criminal matters, like the use of drugs, to the States.”  
 Mike Rogers - “Although I may find the type of programming seen during the 2004 Super Bowl and the 2003 Golden Globe Awards disgusting and disturbing, we must always work hard to defend the cherished freedoms so clearly outlined in our Constitution, including a healthy and free press.”  
 Jean-Pierre Raffarin - “This constitution recognises the need for social dialogue involving labour and management it involves trade unions in the decision-making process it has a social vision founded on social dialogue.”  

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