My Favorite Quotes
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 Ron Ziegler - “The networks initiated the discussion of live coverage.”  
 Warren Zevon - “My memory is not even what most people's is, much less what it oughta be for a discussion like this.”  
 Mel Watt - “I'm always happy to have the President visit North Carolina. Unfortunately, the citizens of North Carolina who could be most adversely affected by the President's plan have not been invited to the discussion.”  
 Wim Wenders - “I was in the forefront of that discussion for many years and as chairman and president of the European Film Academy had many long debates over this.”  
 Paul Wellstone - “If a teacher does not involve himself, his values, his commitments, in the course of discussion, why should the students”  
 Sigourney Weaver - “I've always wanted to do one where we go back to the planet from which the alien originally came. But it's never been a serious discussion.”  
 Dick Spring - “If I felt we had alienated the Unionists, it would worry me because we've spent a great deal of time trying to open up discussion and dialogue with the Unionist Parties.”  
 Michael Servetus - “I will burn, but this is a mere event. We shall continue our discussion in eternity.”  
 Harrison Salisbury - “I think it's important to travel around in order to get a notion of what's going on, to find out what people are think about. I enjoy talking on campuses most because people are more informed and discussion is generally livelier.”  
 Payne Stewart - “But I'll tell you something We had a big family discussion about it recently, my two sisters and I, and I pointed out that we all have the same genes as our mother and we're all susceptible to becoming alcoholics.”  
 George Soros - “The people currently in charge have forgotten the first principle of an open society, namely that we may be wrong and that there has to be free discussion. That it's possible to be opposed to the policies without being unpatriotic.”  
 Steven Soderbergh - “I know why we can't have a frank discussion with our policymakers - if you're in the government or in law enforcement you cannot acknowledge that drugs are anything but inherently evil and morally wrong.”  
 Gerrit Smith - “There is one class of men, whom it especially behoves to be tenacious of the right of free discussion. I mean the poor.”  
 Clare Short - “The problem is going to be finding the right words and implementing it in a way that is really dealing with people that are inciting and not preventing honest discussion of the underlying causes of this horrendous political situation the world is in now.”  
 Gerhard Schroder - “The question of feasibility, the question of cost, the question of including partners elsewhere in the world, the question of the effect of this project on arms agreements - all these issues are in discussion.”  
 Alan Rudolph - “Well, visual language is another boring discussion about the nature of film.”  
 John Robinson - “I think it will bring back discussion about Columbine. When Columbine happened it was the topic of the week, and we shouldn't have just moved on to something else. Whether people like the film or not, it's going to make them think about what happened.”  
 Thomas Reed - “To say that a thing has never yet been done among men is to erect a barrier stronger than reason, stronger than discussion.”  
 Elihu Root - “The theoretical postulate of all diplomatic discussion between nations is the assumed willingness of every nation to do justice.”  
 Lord Robertson - “I believe that the organisers of this conference have chosen a very timely subject for our discussion - because the 21st century will confront us with an entirely new set of challenges.”  
 E. P. Thompson - “I think the very fact that we are having this discussion does make the point of a difference between the American and the British countries.”  
 Jon Postel - “Group discussion is very valuable group drafting is less productive.”  
 Wendell Phillips - “If there is anything in the universe that can't stand discussion, let it crack.”  
 Henry Ossawa Tanner - “The physical characteristics of the child Jesus will always remain a point of discussion. No artist has ever produced a type, nor ever will, that has in it all that the varying minds of all time will acknowledge as complete.”  
 Ed O'Brien - “There was this discussion to know how long the human ear was really receptive to the music. A 74 minute CD is too long. We thought about making two CDs, 35 minutes each... But the songs need to breathe.”  

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