My Favorite Quotes
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 John McGlynn - “He's one for the future and not likely to put any immediate pressure on Craig Gordon and Steve Banks yet.”  
 John Merrifield - “Sterling is now the only truck OEM to offer customers a full line of Class 3-8 vehicles, which allows us to reach a wider customer base and provides us with a platform for future product introductions.”  
 John Mercer - “Those four are the best recruiting class we've had since we've been here. They're going to do nothing but get better and we're excited to see where they take us in the future.”  
 John Miner - “There was no possible way this woman could have killed herself. She had very specific plans for her future. She knew exactly what she wanted to do.”  
 John Morris - “That option is an important asset that we have now. For those who say that we took all these steps forward to go nowhere, that's not exactly true. I think we have a much clearer idea of the issues that would be before us should we decide to initiate acquisition at some future date.”  
 Jorge Quiroga - “Don't be fooled. With your support we are going to show that the future of Bolivia is good and prosperous.”  
 Joseph Smith - “If he keeps working hard, he's got a bright future. He's a good kid. We like him a lot. He works hard, he's respectful and has a great sense of humor.”  
 Jose Gonzalez - “They really don't know where the future lies. If developers decide to build a high-rise where the McCormick building is, they'd have nowhere to go.”  
 Jose Mourinho - “I don't think this match will have any consequence for the future. It's over and we've won the trophy.”  
 Josh Holman - “Don't hold onto the past, the future holds more promise.”  
 Joseph Flowers - “If a client knows that a movie promotion generated a sales increase of 35 for a particular item in his restaurants, he can ensure that he has sufficient supply on hand to meet the demand for future promotions.”  
 Judd Everhart - “It is a fiscally sound initiative, and the governor is confident it will be sustainable for the foreseeable future.”  
 Juan Montoya - “I just need to get myself into a position where I can secure my best option for the future. I have to look around and see what offers the best prospect, whether or not that is staying with McLaren. When I finally see the option I am happy with, I will take it.”  
 Juanita Hayes - “How do we predict trends right now for the future I think we have done the best we can for now.”  
 Judea Pearl - “Training one student in quality and unbiased reporting is tantamount to enlightening thousands and thousands of future readers.”  
 Judi Hensley - “The day and the program pay respects to our past, but it will primarily be focused on the future.”  
 June Jones - “He's had a real productive spring and we have great hopes for his future.”  
 Junko Abe - “I was so surprised. I was hoping (he'd propose) sometime in the future, but not in February. I had just moved a few months ago, so I wasn't thinking he'd propose.”  
 Judy Dean - “We are just the current caretakers of these roses. It is important that future generations be able to see them as well.”  
 Judy Johnson - “Don't know the future, don't know when the city will be re-opened, don't know how to get back to my house to pick up my belongings that are important to me,”  
 Justin Jones - “The idea is that while more construction on I-15 gets underway, there will be an alternative source for the public in Utah County to avoid congestion. Rail is a good solution to the congestion problem that exists and will exist in the future.”  
 Juli Inkster - “She reminds me a lot of me at that age. She's got the game. She loves the pressure. And she's a great kid. She's very well-mannered. She is our future.”  
 Justin Rattner - “I don't think consumers will do climate modeling, although given the way the climate is going, that may become a very popular thing to do in the future.”  
 K.C. Keeler - “We really think he has a very bright future if he keeps developing.”  
 Kate Michelman - “She is going to be once again pivotal for the future of women's rights. She's come full circle in a sense.”  

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