My Favorite Quotes
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 Gary Forsee - “This is a major milestone for our companies and our industries. We are going to combine the best of our companies' capabilities to give our customers what they expect and what they've been demanding.”  
 Brian Boyle - “I moved out to give Brock an option. I had my back to the net, so I just shot it to an area.”  
 Pete Moyer - “We knew if Ben got out real well, that Dan and Dominick would carry the load at that point, and we'd just turn it over to Jon there at the end. He had a lead and there's no way he was going to give it up.”  
 Ryan Howard - “I just showed up and my name was in the lineup. After the second (home run) everyone was saying, 'Hey, give me the flu.”  
 Raja Bell - “He gets 50 and we win the game. At the end of the day, I am OK with that. Even though it (stinks) to have 50 dropped on you, if we win, I've done my job. I really don't give a (darn) if he respects me. If I can keep him preoccupied on beating me 1-on-1, then the four other guys aren't getting shots and that plays into our hands.”  
 Larry Taylor - “I have to. I'd give everything I had for that not to have happened. Those little boys were my life.”  
 Bob Geldof - “If we can get the domestic heat to such a temperature, just possibly we can reach down that ladder and say, 'come on dudes, I'll give you a hand up'.”  
 Federico Fellini - “A sign of growing old is when interviewers start asking you,What would you do differently if you had your life to live over again I give some sort of answer because I dont wish to be rude, but I dont tell them the image that comes into my mind because they would think it vain and frivolous, and no one wants to be a subject for ridicule. I see myself as a tall, skinny Fellini, vigorously lifting weights. Thats what I would do differently. I would lift weights.”  
 Proverb - “If you see a friend without a smile give him one of yours.”  
 Marc Hefke - “These guys have held their composure. That's one thing I'll give them is that they haven't lost their cool and don't let the game get out of hand. Pretty soon these ties will turn into wins.”  
 Jack McKeon - “We redeemed ourselves a little bit for that terrible exhibition Saturday. It shows they're not ready to give up.”  
 Brian Kapusta - “We're just banged-up. When you give up five forfeits, it's tough to win. Latrobe wrestled well and we didn't wrestle our best.”  
 Robert Frost - “Before I built a wall I'd ask to know What I was walling in or walling out, And to whom I was like to give offense”  
 Buddha - “Thoughts give joy when they speak or act. Joy follows them like a shadow that never leaves them.”  
 Adrian Smith - “The report card helps give us a focus, and it frames the dialogue for moving forward.”  
 Brian Duffy - “The International Space Station will give us a place where we can learn more about living in space, ... looking forward to using the space station, to do all the things that zero gravity can do.”  
 Robin Pingeton - “You can't give up 15 offensive rebounds and I feel like Missouri State played hard, on a mission. And for us to have 16 turnovers against a team that doesn't press, that's not good. But the bottom line is we have to knock down shots. We had open looks and didn't hit them. It's surprising that we've struggled with that because of the shooters we have.”  
 Ken Ralph - “I am not going to confirm any names for you. You could give me 50 names, and I am not going to confirm any of them.”  
 Pat Howard - “We didn't bring him back on in case he got a second yellow card. He was so enthusiastic after being out for so long and we were only going to give him 50 minutes anyway.”  
 Jorge Perez - “I figured I either give him a high five or he'd beat the crap out of me. I figured the high five was better.”  
 Bruce Hall - “Frankly, I would give the chances of there being a winner at 5050 or a little under that. It's tough.”  
 Martin Anderson - “We're confirming that houses have been lost we can't give you the numbers.”  
 Brian Elliott - “I think we have a lot left to give.”  
 Ralph Carter - “I don't want to see the town give it up. Why give it up when we don't have to”  
 Chris Jacobs - “I'm hoping we can give them some problems. We know what they're going to do. It's probably the easiest week of coaching in that we already know what we're going to do from the jamboree.”  

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