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 Peter Brookes - “Chinese policies are endangering U.S. goals by supporting African dictatorships, hindering economic development, and exacerbating conflicts and human rights abuses in troubled countries such as Sudan and Zimbabwe.”  
 Mark Yates - “He's a big, strong powerful centre-forward who definitely knows how to score goals.”  
 Mark Nicholls - “I wouldn't expect any changes to the starting line-up. It was pretty much one way traffic from what I was told, and we might have finished with five or six goals had we got the first one.”  
 Carles Puyol - “It was a bit of moral justice that soon after everything happened, we got the goals.”  
 Craig MacTavish - “It's a huge cop-out to talk about a goalie when you only score two goals. Playing goal for our team, the way we're putting the puck in the net lately, is very difficult.”  
 Ken Gernander - “That group of penalty killers aren't slackers. They're tops in the league, and they've been strong all season. Those were two especially big goals.”  
 Cherwonna Walker - “We set goals going into the game of what we wanted to do, and offensive rebounds was one of them.”  
 Lana Tomlin - “The girls set their goals very high and have accomplished two of them.”  
 Matt Berger - “We defended Roeder very well. We held him to no field goals in the second half. But we put them on the line too much.”  
 Chris Clark - “When you look at the stats and see the goalie let up four or five goals a game, you wonder how good he is. But the shots he's taking and the saves he's had, he's keeping us in the game.”  
 Eric Meyer - “Those goals hold us accountable. It's about doing the right thing for kids.”  
 Mark Heiderscheid - “It's a tough part about the sport of soccer. You can really possess it a lot and do a lot of things right but you have to score goals.”  
 Lalit Panda - “Setting high goals for your staff, and guiding them to think with an out-of-the-box mentality is important.”  
 Paula Creamer - “Creamer played all five matches and went 3-1-1. This is a huge feat for me, ... It was one of my goals to get here, and when I got here, I wanted to win.”  
 Brianna Schooley - “From what I do in setting up goals and scoring, I wouldn't have been where I am without them. It's very hard to imagine the honors and awards that I have received. They we a big part of that.”  
 Thomas Doll - “You have to come out with draws like this sometime -- a year ago we probably would have been beaten by three or four goals.”  
 Jamie Kiggen - “The general takeaway from our moonlighting is that Amazon is executing on its near-term and long-term financial and operating goals. Customers are plentiful and active, customer service levels are high, and operations are becoming more efficient.”  
 Mark Hughes - “To concede three goals like that was disappointing because their performance merited something. We've shown what we are about and Spurs will view the results as quite fortunate.”  
 Roberto Heras - “Meanwhile, Heras is not sure if he will race the 2006 Vuelta. We will enjoy this fourth victory, ... In the winter we will see if theres a fifth or if we go for other goals.”  
 Steve Roberts - “We've had some odd things happen for sure. But however we got here, I'm ecstatic for our seniors and juniors who invested in our program when things were really down and have been such a huge part of the building process. One of the great lessons in life is how you accomplish your goals.”  
 Chris Griffin - “It was one of the best goals I've ever seen at the high school level.”  
 Matt Davenport - “We had our chances and at the end, we got some goals. Marietta attacked well, and we gave Marietta too many chances. But we hung in there and scored when we needed to.”  
 Jason Goings - “Looking at how we can interchange runners in the relays, and with Dante in the long jump and hurdles, I can see us qualifying six or seven for state. Ten or 12 might be a stretch, but you want to set your goals high.”  
 Paul Jorgensen - “She has high goals. She has (the) potential (to do very well). A nice smooth runner (she has) a good base.”  
 Brian Tucker - “We have some goals for them and we'll see how they do.”  

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