My Favorite Quotes
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 Paul McLeod - “Gold is sitting in no-man's land as support and resistance remain far away.”  
 Laurence Sterne - “Titles of honor are like the impressions on coins, which add no value to gold or silver, but only render brass current”  
 Alexander Pope - “Authors, like coins, grow dear as they grow oldIt is the rust we value, not the gold.”  
 Margot Kidder - “I came in support of Cindy and all the other Gold Star families,”  
 Tania Kotsos - “The rally we've seen in the rand has come squarely on the back of the rally we saw in the gold price.”  
 Bobby Lee - “My dad had the idea in 1963. As a promotion, it's been a gold mine ever since.”  
 Chone Figgins - “We've got a first baseman, shortstop and second baseman that I think should win a Gold Glove. Those guys are great in the infield.”  
 Ian Gold - “You kind of wish it was a game that counted - Indianapolis Colts,”  
 John Reade - “Gold and the other precious metals appear to have found support after the recent sell-off, however, we believe it is too soon to turn bullish on gold specifically.”  
 Julie Brough - “We've had a pull-back in gold and oil prices, and surprise surprise, oil and gold companies are off, that's the Canadian market.”  
 Kyle Shewfelt - “The main objective for us was to win gold for the team and this was accomplished on Thursday. Everything else is an extra.”  
 Chantal Petitclerc - “It was one of the greatest days of my life to be there in the stadium and to win that gold medal.”  
 Paul Merrick - “If the U.S. dollar happens to weaken then that would be good for gold probably, (although) gold has been dancing to its own tune recently so it doesn't necessarily follow.”  
 John Meyer - “There is significant positive momentum behind gold with new investment funds reported to be investing across the board in the listed commodity markets.”  
 Jon Nadler - “The huge pool of global liquidity out there has not found a better place to rush into, and is enchanted with gold and its prospects.”  
 Richard Franulovich - “There's some definite independent strength in the Australian dollar, aided by gold and commodities.”  
 Marissa Young - “Getting here was our goal, but now that we are here, being here isn't enough. I want to take home a ball, preferably a gold one (for a state championship). We want to be a team that is remembered.”  
 John Reade - “We do not believe that this correction is over and suspect that gold will now consolidate between recent extremes of 545 and 568, with a break of 575 needed to bring back bullish sentiment.”  
 Marcus Aurelius - “Zoilus, why do you delight in using a whole pound weight of gold for the setting of a stone, and thus burying your poor sardonyx Such rings are more suited to your legs the weight is too great for fingers”  
 Nathaniel Willis - “For her heart was cold to all but gold,And the rich came not to woo --But honored well are charms to sellIf priests the selling do.”  
 Kim Beazley - “If there were gold medals for biting the hand that feeds you, Mark Latham would be standing on top of the dais.”  
 Koji Suzuki - “There's been a flow of funds from U.S. bonds to gold, and that is providing support for the market.”  
 Kody Pudil - “This is the year that I think we're finally putting it all together . . . get that gold trophy coming back to Iowa City.”  
 Mark Twain - “Everything has its limit - iron ore cannot be educated into gold”  
 Aristotle - “Yellow-colored objects appear to be gold”  

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