My Favorite Quotes
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 Nicholas Hoult - “Hugh's just a geezer, a great laugh - although he is a bit corrupting. But he did get me interested in golf and cricket and snooker.”  
 Jamie McMurray - “But this week is a lot better. I even played golf this week.”  
 Mark McNulty - “Everybody is really looking forward to getting back here. It's a good, old-style golf course. It's a great gem of a golf course. It's a good test of golf.”  
 Mark McNulty - “Golf is a very humbling game. I just hope the golf gods will be good to me again.”  
 Laura Diaz - “My rib injury is partially due to the pregnancy and partially just a golf injury,”  
 Bruce Lietzke - “For me there is enough stress in four rounds of a golf tournament that on Tuesday, you don't want any stress at all.”  
 Rocco Mediate - “I hit a few good-looking shots that turned out horrible. Just to be in this position to have a shot, that's all I can ask for. It's the ultimate examination, this golf course.”  
 Ben Curtis - “I like it. It's an old-style golf course.”  
 Brent Musburger - “Nothing dissects a man in public quite like golf”  
 Mark Brazil - “I'm not sure we would have taken it. I just don't think our board was willing to accept that. We might not have had a tour event. That's how serious we were about this. We did everything possible to keep this golf tournament, and then some.”  
 Chris Santella - “Kauai is home to many wish-list golf venues such as Princeville and Kauai Lagoons, but locals, such as former LPGA pro Mary Bea Porter King, favor Waialua Municipal,”  
 David Toms - “As far as a guy leaving town with a million bucks, he's still going to pay some taxes to go to the city, so it will be good. It's going to economically bring some dollars in that they would not otherwise have if we would have pulled the plug on the golf tournament. So I think it's a very, very important week.”  
 Mark Herron - “None of our guys took part in the golf tournament.”  
 Norm Brunswig - “These birds used to nest on all the major shorelines in the state, but what's on those shorelines now homes, golf courses. These are not parks. They're not recreation areas. These (islands) were preserved to protect the birds.”  
 Mark Hensby - “It's hard to have expectations on such a demanding golf course.”  
 Roberta Goliber - “It's enhanced our golf tournament. Sponsors donating 500 or more to the tournament will get a link on our Web site. It's a great outlet for sponsors.”  
 Rod Pampling - “It's nice to get back here to a golf course where you can think your way around. It makes you concentrate out there all day long.”  
 Mats Sundin - “I've been back and forth, traveling a lot, nothing too exciting. I played too much golf, I'm sick of that. . . . I missed playing hockey.”  
 Kyle Adams - “Those are the things I can help them with. I'm not a golf pro by any means. I can help some of the beginners, but most of the girls are so advanced. They get their technical help elsewhere.”  
 Tommy Armour - “Golf is an awkward set of bodily contortions designed to produce a graceful result”  
 Kari Williams - “Golf is played against the course. What someone else is doing does not have any bearing on your game. In golf, if the conditions are tough, everyone is dealing with them.”  
 Tiger Woods - “Jim's putt first certainly helped in my read, ... I didn't really do much except for read putts and have the pom-poms out, just cheering him on all the way. Jim played unbelievable golf. He hit the ball beautifully.”  
 Brett Rumford - “That is all I am concerned with. I am leading a golf tournament and that is all I should be focusing on at the moment. This week and this week only.”  
 Stuart Appleby - “There's a lot of golf, 25 percent of the tournament still left out there. I might be leading - but that only means that I'm leading.”  
 John Daly - “I had a fantastic weekend of golf - maybe I got started a little too late.”  

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